GoldRing Astrology Report. Fall 2014. September

It has been some time since my last newsletter. The past few years have brought many lessons and transformations that have guided us into becoming smarter, wiser, more heart-centered and conscious beings. My clients and friends I feel there are big transformations ahead and we all need clear insight to navigate through these times. There are very positive alignments and those that are negative, to choose wisely within the accelerating cycles demands knowledge of inner changes and the understanding of your chart to know how to manifest the best.

Individually we have opportunities and responsibilities to change. Changes of directions come from long planning, from reaction, by resignation, by will, choice, spontaneous or sometimes completely out of the blue. The tensions of society are reaching a point of renaissance, rebirth and restoration. Seeing this along with the chaos, change and personal life transitions demands attention.

The larger cycles of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered to be generational influences which are impersonal and powerful when understood in their extended time frames. We are noting these positions and their relationships in History while focusing on the month we are moving into. We’ve pasted certain GoldRing passages within interpretations in order to move us all toward the higher energy and see the grander vision. Peace, Harmony, Prosperity and Love to you all.

Pluto and Jupiter trine in Capricorn

In 2009 Pluto moved into Capricorn and will reside there until 2024. The American Revolution was about to occur when PLUTO WAS IN CAPRICORN and moved into Aquarius in January 1778.  It is important to note that Pluto takes about 248 years to make a complete cycle, spending 12 to 32 years in each sign. During this time from January 2009 until 2024 there will be a change in world government. This is a time to transform old structures into new and enduring ones. The focus on Pluto at this time brings the highest corporations under ruthless scrutiny as the these predators move from carnivorous to become cannibals and feed upon those that slip in the dangerous game of world domination. Back into history 250 years ago we are at the point in cyclic time where Pluto was in 1765. The Boston Massacre 1770, The Boston Tea Party 1773, Writing the Declaration of Independence 1776, The Continental Army at Valley Forge 1777 – these were revolutionary times… as the world saw much the same happening with many wars and national power struggles. It is curious to note the British Surrender at Yorktown, 1781 – was when Pluto moved into the Next sign.

Pluto moves through barriers and transforms the world in big ways. In this time period everything changed from monarchies and the absolute power of England to the breaking of the royal hold on people as with 250 years before the transformation from the Pope and his Kings began with the Renaissance and Reformation.

The evolutionary Squares with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, are here to clean house for this incoming energy. This waves are moving rapidly breaking, releasing, washing away old patterns of existence. The opening of the vortex increases the power …. to overflow the Third Dimensional banks, governments, religions, corporations, organizations, managers and supervisors who seek to contain the transformative power of the Universe. It is a force of enormous power, a tidal wave emanating forth from a central galactic pulse called by your collective aspirations. Take heed and know that those who hold back and keep their energy trapped inside the old paradigms are facing a radical shift of power. There is chaos as everything is transformed. Allow this time line to settle in the higher dimensions as you are in agreement with the purpose and plan of this great revolution. There are those who come here to teach and practically bring forth the passage into higher dimensions of culture, technology, energy and spiritual service to guide, to enlighten and to be compassionate. Be one of these planetary teachers.

The current understanding is the present power structure is at its height of power and the roots of rebellion are formed. The power structure within the information age is different than the one of which we are leaving which is the Industrial age.

Recall On March 11th 2011 coinciding with the Japan earthquake, URANUS went into ARIES and resides there for 7 years forging a Revolution of Consciousness. This generation of initiative, genius and spontaneity brings with it the challenges of leaving history behind and its byproducts. By 2019 the landscape will change like many times before with Uranus in Aries. Learning cycles of energy is what astrology is based upon and Uranus rules Astrological Work. It is genius, rebel, transforming, exciting and it is the awakener. It is now is Aries and will be in this sign for four more years. It is ruled in the higher levels of consciousness by that which breaks free, is super conductive, fast spreading and manifests in the world change.

Uranus rules the unexpected the enlightenment and change. In Aries it is about innovation, the new, fast and to learn, to find out, to seek knowledge. It is here where Astrological Studies are foremost important as we witness the realization of these cycles in our lives. The major important steps and choices are made in the right timing and with the support. The group effort of the Aquarian Age is lead by universities of light that are focused on this energy of fifth dimensional consciousness and on economies of energy. The promise of life is abundance, enlightenment and freedom and where we are brought to understand unity and the appreciation of this planet.

With this aspect affecting the whole of society the extreme pressure is within the public psyche. Psychological dynamics, conflicts between state power and personal freedom within relationships become expansive ideals and visions of sharing intellect and emotions increasing in value over becoming destructive from internal rage and outer frustration.

Learning cycles of energy is what astrology is based upon and Uranus rules Astrological Work. It is genius, rebel, transforming, exciting, the awakener. Where it is now is Aries and will be in this sign for four more years. It is ruled in the higher levels of consciousness by that which breaks free, is super conductive, fast spreading and manifests in the world change.

Just a few of the news items of the world will convince you that we are heading for oblivion, everyone is crazy, the media is lying about everything except life seems to be getting more difficult. This is a time where people are being tested in their relationships with others. There is a lot to appreciate in the world at present and much to fix. It requires group efforts, a radical shift in business ethics, a change of mind and the will of the heart to proceed.

Many hold on to old patterns of control, authority and demand and try to force their will on others. They operate from scarcity, fear and need. The fall into the Black Alliance, the willingness to compromise clear knowledge of the good for a lie. It is not a group it is the contagion of thoughts where there is the shadowed reality formed through blocking vision of the right thing to do and become caught in the alliance with ignorance and deceit. Through experience we learn to avoid the masters of deception who lie to themselves and carelessly use other people delaying their happiness.

There was great upheaval across the world both positive and negative. It indicates the breaking down of old structures and the emerging of the revolutionary new inventions. We are in the middle of this period of change that is influencing, Aries, Libra, Capricorn directly which is the will to power, first ray energy of consciousness. Sovereign rights are being understood and social intelligence is advancing. Outcomes and experience are based upon choice held by character and guided by ethics and integrity. It is also of great advantage to look into your past transits.

A crisis creates fear upon which the unseen feed, and the Black Alliance supports, to keep the slaves chained. Your refuge is within, and within you can find the knowledge and be in compliance with the Central Sun and the plan for growth of the galaxy. Before you can move you must be safe, before you can use your power you must have balance, and before you can act you must have compassion.

Mars in Sagittarius brings the lightening fast spark of strong passions to break through innumerable fears, excitements, gossip and fantasy to move into being more peaceful and truthful. From Mars known as the God of War square Arian Uranus the ignition of a new stage of economics and communications come through the peer to peer networks and the smart phones. The integration of applications is moving quickly to the stage of high technological singularities. The expectation of the creation of new electronic and technological devices both for public and governmental corporate military versions will be greatly enhanced. New robotics, drones, wearable tech, games, implants, anything bringing accelerated health and vitality will be awakened by this square. It is a time of invention, it is also a time of necessity as there are millions engaged in fraud, war and destruction.

The mission of a leader and trailblazer is in scientific, economic and social educational reform. This is about courage, daring, initiative and resourcefulness. Explosiveness, fanaticism and treacherous time periods show more violence, war, destruction and revolution is the way power shifts. To change we must learn to cooperate. The energies of this time are individualistic, anarchist and anonymous. They can lead to extremes in highly independent and unique ways. The point is to reach freedom and move beyond any tradition, religious, corporate, social and political. The intensity of the rebelliousness is against anything overly traditional, or that doesn’t allow room for growth. The world energy is becoming the seeking of excitement and new experiences. The true pioneers of the new age are exploring what is overlooked by society and will not let society stop their forward momentum. The karma of the Indigo Revolutionaries is to walk where there are no footsteps in front of them. In this time new mental beginnings are being made from past life awareness with every ounce of ingenuity to make these new beginnings result in new manifestations. There appears to be some difficult passages as the corruptions will continue to be shown through the cracks in the reliability of control.

With URANUS SQUARE PLUTO Orb 1°04′ Applying a powerful surge of energy as this square becomes stronger and intensifies.

In this time and with new generations driving to work with power to right the wrongs perceived in society. These are radical times as there are explosive opportunities during the coming year where much of what was powerful and enduring is being instantly transformed forever. First we must learn to control that power in our own life. This is also a time where basic goals and objectives are disrupted to engage an enlightened path. In this initiatory passage there is a fundamental social contract being demanded. Plutocracy and Oligarchy are unable to provide for the public consensus and a new order is being initiated through a period of confusion. In astrology as in the environment there are weather patterns of passionate psychological expressions due to the catharsis before the choice. The timeline within this message show an intense time of mental psychic experimentation are important to be guided through the passage of power, the power of the scepter is given only the ruler of their own consciousness. It respected, held and guarded within. During the Uranus Square Pluto the hands of power will change with a power from within the underworld of consciousness being struck by the lightening of Heaven as all times and cycles move forward.

There is a lot to appreciate in the world at present and much to fix. It requires group efforts, a change of mind and the will of the heart to proceed. There are those in the world that still hold on to old patterns of control, authority and demand. They operate from scarcity, fear and need.  In these circumstances each person on the path, the quest of self knowledge and spiritual awareness is an energy center. You are producing energy through your mental and emotional focus towards the good.  The Black Alliance is the willingness to compromise clear knowledge of the good for a lie. It is not a group it is the contagion of thoughts where there is the shadowed reality formed through blocking vision of the right thing to do and become caught in the alliance with ignorance and deceit.  Through experience we learn to avoid the masters of deception who lie to themselves and carelessly use other people delaying their happiness.

Happiness is the Plan. First feel empowered and righteous in your own life and who we are individually as we are special expressions of a divine life energy.  When there is a lesson learned in a classroom there is appreciation that knowledge was gain and the problem solved. The problem is objective, general to everyone and to be solved needs an education.  Life is no different, there are a few problems, my body, health and meaning, my purpose, work or worth and my love, my partner and my family. In each of these scenarios we are designed in different ways to find ourselves.  Astrological Work provides the cycles of change and timing where we build and become better aligned with our natures.New Moons Chart Sept.24th 2014.6.13 AM. GMT 1. New Moon Jan.1st 2014 Annes Birthchart Full Wesak or Buddha Moon.May 14th 2014.19.17 PM.GMT Anne Menu Head astrologe Anne voor de keet OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Are We There Yet? | The Forgotten Promise

Exactly 🙂 I am So Gratefull for this Awesome reflection from Source & this is what it is & I embrace it fully. Thank You. I Love You.
I Am Love.I Am Light. I Am Peace. I Am Truth. I Am a Master Lighthouse. I Am the Miracle I Am. I Am ONE & We Are One.
All is Interconnected. As Above, So Below. As Within So Without.
I Am That I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti.OM

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Kryon – What’s Next? In Last Half of 2014

Kryon with Lee Carroll. Music by Robert Coxon. Video made by & uploaded on Youtube by “Poet Mountain”.

Poet Mountain Writes :

“Kryon is a cosmic entity who came in through Lee Carroll in the late 80’s after what was called ‘The Harmonic Convergence” when several souls started channeling these light beings. So look to for the material their answers are everything you might want to know. You might also like the wonderful entity known as Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, or maybe an ET called Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka. Bashar calls himself a ‘contact specialist’. All three of these channels came through about the same time in the late 80’s and so are very balanced pure channels if you will. If you’re up for an even further stretch beyond the norm, there are many channeling ETs under the name of The Galactic Light Federation which are put into YouTube Clips by way of a computerized female voice as most of the readings are written, so I sense this must be the fastest way to circulcate their information.

For decades I had a strong bias against channeled material as much of what circulated in the early days (aside from Seth, a real cosmic heavy weight, who was once human) was very questionable indeed. Then one day I came across a Kryon clip and within minutes felt one of the strongest moments of recognition I have ever had to date.

Then I realized that as a poet that I have channeled a lot of poetry and songs as many artists and musicians do, and at which point I laughed at myself out loud and thought how foolish I had been carrying around this bias for ages. The point is channeling is a very human (even normal) thing to do, just look at what Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla did as they were channeling many of their great ideas too. In fact Einstein did some heavy duty downloading as much of his great work like the Theory of Relativity, etc. all came to him in the span of about a year and half when he was but a young adult.

So as with all things, we must weigh the information we get from any source with our own hearts and minds, and find the ways, the people, and yes, even the entities who resonant with us most truly.

I hope this helps. Namaste, Mountain Poet

Text ,written out by me ( Sorry, its not alltogether complete ) of this Awesome video by Kryon, a very important Videomessage to us Lightworkers, that was shared by me on Google+,Sept.9th 2014:& on my Blog “Spiritual Soul Consciousness ” on September 2nd 2014

1e. “ I told Lightworkers to Stop Spinning in Conspiracy theories. These are often correct. And all they want to do is to get this info out. To make others see what it is that governments are doing to them.  If you are one of those, look me in the eye & tell me how that’s gonna Create Peace on Earth ?  The answer is it isn`t ! But it’s the best you had. You have listened to them , but now can you put that away ? You have all of the knowledge & of course you are attracted to ET`s & how they built the piramids & all of that. And go ahead if you want to bring it about. You are each sitting here with ET DNA.  You have Free choice. Of course you are attracted to that. You are an old Soul & many of you are even Lemurians. And you can keep on trying to figure it all out. You are so Valuable to Humanity. But tell me how is this helping Peace on Earth ?  When you have the capacity, the ability , the Akash to really , honestly see the fingerprints of the Gods ? I am talking to you about the Love of God. Where are you spending your time on , why don`t you focus to the New Frequency & turn it in on yourself &  find out who you are ? Because This is where you belong ! Claim your Mastership, One at a time !
Also I told my lightworkers, Stop being Weird ! Who wants to be with you when you`re an outcast & you act funny ? And I said,  is this what you want to show the world, you`re unbalanced ? But you didn`t want that either, because being weird was your New Age birthright    But how is that helping Peace on Earth ?  I want you to start Balancing yourself. The Masters of this Planet have Balance. I want you to stop the weirdness.  I want you to show the Love of God in your lifes & I want you to stop acting strange. I want you to weigh what other people look at. How are you gonna help Peace on Earth by being strange ? And you say yes , but Kryon, we meditate , we use compassion to help people, we`re praying for rain , we`re praying for all people and we do all these things …But I tell you , that’s Not gonna bring Peace on Earth.  Its  gonna be One Human at a time,  in a Balanced State , claiming Mastery. Mastery is Balance. And This is what I `m talking about with you.  I `ve got outlayed these 3 points for you.
2e. What its All about,  is an Energy what you don`t yet understand. In the mode that you have come from, which is survival, you  only use your brain. We`ve given you multiple choices now how to start using your Intuition. We`ve identified it , what it is,  where it comes from, how it works , how it doesn`t work. And now I want you to Understand that it is the New way of Communicating ! Learn what Intuition feels like.
It is “illusive” because it does not present itself in 3D.  You have all gone through the tasks of using your brains & to get to the books to pass certain tests and the burden was fully on you . But Now you`ve  got help ! And its all preparation.  Now there are legions prepared to deliver the Tools  to human consciousness, to accelerate what you are asking for. The moment you open that door and say come on,  lets do it , lets open that door, you are being helped . You don`t have to do it by yourself. I can`t prove it , as its not 3D.  But your body has an attribute that is enormous.And you`ve never used it . Its called Spontaneous Remission ! It’s the Quantum Body Intelligence doing something almost instantly,  because  it can,  within the body self, without an explanation, and so dramaticely  that there `s only one explanation :
You start Acting Differently because it has to do with DNA ! Usually developed btw by fear  Its all about what we told you 23 years ago. It is called Pure intent ! Once you` ve realised what it feels like,  the next thing is to capture it & practice it. There are ways of identifying it and using it, challenging it , seeing if its right or if its wrong.The intuitive self  is every bit as complicated & as big as the human brain. It has more parts ! Every single molecule of DNA is ready to work in tandem to create this. You`ve got hundreds of  trillions of those parts. Its bigger than the human synaps. Image a human body that has not centralized.  Its the Human Merkaba. That’s what you`re developing , the whole thing ! Its called the Duwarf , the whole brain ! And the brain will continu to do what it has done, it will do it even better because it will start marrying with the intuitive part.  Now the pineal , it yust hides there, as a very small little organ.  Sitting there, doing its job, making melatonine & seratonine & that’s all you`re thinking what it does, but its Quantum. Its bigger than you think ! It’s the Portal. The human being that starts to Awaken to its own Quantum energy,  using Intuitiveness in ways that we`re going to discuss, is one who starts to enhance the whole human being & does not compartmentalize brain & intuitive , but melts them together.  That’s was 2.
The 3rd one.   I want you to start Counting on Synchronicity ! The unexplained events that happen  out of Synchronicity with randomness. They have Coherence. Imagine Coherence of accidents ! You accidentially meet somebody. You accidentially are on the right place at the right time. You accidentally find the cure for the uncurable. You accidentally find the Love of your Life. (like me  )   You accidentally run into situations you can`t believe ! We`re always there in front of you. This is Spirit working with you & the more intuitive you get the more synchronicity ! Everything is a lesson for you now. Is it possible Kryon that I can count on Synchronicity ? Is it possible that I can count on freaking Coincidence ? And the answer is Oh yeah ! And pretty soon when you walk a path , and people will look at you & say , I don`t know how you`re doing this , but do you mind if I come along and walk with you ? You`re yust Really lucky ! And they may learn what you know and you take them by the hand and in Loving ways. You don`t give `m a Kryon Book. You don`t tell `them about conspiracy theories & about how the ET`s built this & that  and about how we`re all wrong and that .You yust stop spinning & look at them with Love. Some of you here are ready for this and this is the balance ! This is gonna save this planet !
(at 34” of the 36” in the video)  Human nature is gonna Shift into the Intuitive part. You `re gonna get Guidance that nobody understands. You are really Lucky because you are counting on things  that are “ Chance” to somebody that’s looking at you from 3D.  But it isn`t chance at all.  You are Connected ! And you are Using your Intuition to Be at the right Place at the Right time & That’s Synchronicity ! And That leads to Cocreation !
You see how that picture now is changing  human nature ?  The more humans who learn this & do it , the quicker you will have a Confluence of Consciousness that starts to Actually Shift in the way you Could See it  on the News. Look for it. That’s when you know you are achieving something ! Watch for the Good News Channel & you Know you are achieving something. People who are tuning in only for the Great things that are happening . Watch for Coorperations that are outdoing each other , in Integrity & Transparency. It `ll be a contest & you `ll say, I want another planet ! Watch for foreign politics , we told you these things before & you `ll say , no that’s a stretch , you got that one wrong . Do I ? If you live long enough , you `re going to see it all . This is the potential we have given you. Watch though dear ones , I want you to Recognize Intuition. What does it feel like ? And I want you to start practicing, making it work and then leading into Sychronicity ! I yust gave you a Lifetime of Work to do ! But you gotta start Now ! And here is the final word : Whatever  you will learn in this lifetime, You will Awaken with in the next. Because your DNA is going to be working a whole lot better Next time around !

Stand in Your Truth: Day 13, Ben 13

Thank U ॐ ♥ for sharing this, one of my Favorite Daily Divine Messages of Theresa Crabtree as well as my “ Favorites Playlist ” on You Tube Beloved Friends & Cocreators in the Human~ Angelic ~ Galactic Family of Love & Light ॐ May Your Day & Week Be Filled with Peace & Harmony ॐ Home is where the Heart is ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ ॐ We Love to be at Home with the Ocean ॐ in the Flow of Life & Love, in Tune with the Child inside of MeUwe. ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ ॐ Seeing through One Eye ॐ Dancing & Playing with Light & Love in Freedom & Exctacy ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ ॐ Weaving our World through Caring & Sharing & Watching Life from the Eagle`s point of view, Neutral & Objectively ॐ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ WE ARE ALL ONE & CONNECTED ॐ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ In Lak`ech Ala Kìn. Aum Namah Shivaya. Namaste ॐ ♥ I AM ☯ ॐ ۞ OM SAI RAM {~ * ~} OM SHANTI ۞ ॐ OM ☯ ╬ ☼ I Am Peace . Peace is In Me ☯ ॐ ۞

Snatam Kaur – Ong Sohung

Mayan Messages

STAND IN YOUR TRUTH   It is time for you to regain control of your life. You can do this by going within on a daily basis. Clear your mind of the worries of the day. Ask your guides to help you find ways to empower yourself. Work through the fears that allow you to give your freedom to others. Choose the life you wish to live for yourself. Rediscover what gives you joy and passion. Speak your mind. Know what it is you want. What is your truth? Speak it, with integrity. No matter what others around you do, remain true to your self and stand your ground when you see things around you that do not resonate with you. It is only through standing in your truth that you will be able to change the world. It will not happen overnight; it has taken eons for your systems to…

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The Angels say: ‘I see you.’

Thank You Beloved Gabriel & All Angels & Especially this Angel who Blogged It. I Feel you All Around & Within Me. We Are All ONE In Divine Love & Light. I Am So Gratefull for All of UMeWe Flowing as ONE in Unity

“Deliverance” by Shimshai on Spotify ….
“ Living in my Devotion of the One… I hear your song … in ever living more for every living one …. be the light reflection of the Sun …. I see your face … in every living wonder of eternal grace….. in everything I see you … a glimpse of what it is to be you …… in longing to be near you ……. would I be a fool to fear you……. for I am becoming as part of the whole ….. I have begun with an infinite role ….its part of a journey as deep as your soul ….. deliverance in perfection of the way ….. within your grand everflowing fountain of your Holiness and a pure connection to the Source ……I feel your pulse … the heartbeat of creation giveth birth to truth….. what am I before you … a fragment to reflect ….I adore you …surrounded by your beauty…… do receive and give in to me … for I am a star in the stairway of time …I am the burning beginning to blime .. and always in promise regardless of rhyme…..I believe in the glory of God… I believe in the wisdom within and above …and I pray for the balance of all we perceive …I give thanks for the blessings to give and receive …nananaannaa na … Dedicated to my Beloved Joe & All Loving Souls on Good Friday, June 13th ….

~ARCTURIANS – The Illuminated Ones – Your Blueprint – Your Mission … and Update of what’s to come ~

Wishing U All a Lovely, Happy, Beautifullfull Weekend filled with Smiles and Joy. ۞. ~♥~ Blessings of PEACE & Lღ√Ƹ ♥ ஜ۩ In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn ♥ ஜ۩ WE ARE ONE HUMAN FAMILY ۞ We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For ஜ ~♥~Warm Hugzzz from my Heart ♥ ஜ۩ Home is where the Heart is (((♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ )))) ॐ I Love to be at Home with the Ocean ॐ in the Flow of Life & Love, in Tune with the Child inside of MeUWe (((♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ )))) ॐ Seeing through One Eye ॐ Dancing & Playing with Light & Love in Freedom & Exctacy. (((♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ )))) ॐ Weaving our World through Caring & Sharing & Watching Life from the Eagle`s point of view, Neutral & Objectively. ॐ (((♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ )))) WE ARE ALL ONE & CONNECTED ॐ (((♥~ ♥ ~ ♥ )))) In Lak`ech. Aum Namah Shivaya . Namaste . ॐ I Love U In All That Is ~ ♥ ~I AM. NAMASTE ~♥~ OM ॐ

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

theilluminatedonesThe illuminated forces of your known world are rapidly moving artifacts into positions. The illuminated forces which are presently anchoring various informational decrees into the consciousness of your being are rewriting the history of that which has occurred. For the truth of your vehicles past must come to the fore front of your being. The truth of your benevolent selves must anchor into the newly formed conscious grids of your creator selves. For the illuminated forces are indeed aware of the imminent changes rapidly unfolding themselves on your planet.

And as such, much turbulence and many changes await those who dwell therein. Many changes of the illuminated ones shall occur. For the EGO structure of the illuminated ones shall once and for all disintegrate under the newly formed influence of the energies and the portals which have indeed opened to all who dwell on Gaia.

From the vantage point of…

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How Charity & the Reunion of Soultwins is Interrelated as All is ONE & We are All Interconnected

Thought For The Day As Written In Prasanthi Nilayam 10, Sept 2014

[♥] Thank You for Sharing This Beloved Friends & Cocreators ƸӜƷ Thank You for Supporting & Sharing this Charity Action You Are So Important To MeUWe ƸӜƷ We Do Need To Get Together as ONE in Action for Our Freedom (of Greed, Hunger , Poverty & Deceit ) •.ƸӜƷ✰ LOVE Is my Religion & the Earth Is my Church ◠‿◠) ☼ ღ¸☆☼ ☼ We Are The Family of Divine Love & Light ღ☆☼ƸӜƷ I am so Gratefull for All of the Awakened Ones Amongst Us ƸӜƷ ✲*✽ We Are Breathing as ONE Heart with Mother Earth & Shining in the Light of the Galactic Sun ☼ ღ¸☆ ☼ (¯`´¯) Weaving our World through Caring & Sharing in Peace & Humbleness , Joy & Truth & Freedom `. . ღ¸.•*¨`•..¸ƸӜƷ ¤ I am so Happy to Have Found my Beloved Joe ღ☆ .¯` ¸.•´¯`•.¸ Infinite ᏝᎧᏉᏋ & Light ⁀ °& Rainbowblessings to U ´°•.•.¸ღ¸☆ •¨`*♫ ˚☆♪♫•.¸¸.•♪♫♪ WE ARE ALL ONE & ALL IS INTER CONNECTED •.♫♡ May All the Beings in All the Worlds Join Hands in Sacred Prayer & Action for Peace & All Things Good ƸӜƷ• ڿڰ ಌ In Lak`ech Ala Kìn. ⁀♥ ° Aum Namah Shivaya . ☼ ღ¸☆☼ I AM. Shared with Love & Gratitude OM Shanti. Om Sai Ram. OM [♥] [♥]♥ಌ ڿڰ N ░ A ░ M ░ A ░ S░ T ░ E ڿڰ ಌ [♥] [♥] [♥] Pls. Support Us in This so we Can Start Orphanages in Kenya & Help Kenya with Wind & Solar Tools To Survive & Make Your Gift or Loan over to my Paypal at , or directly to ” Anne Cares “, at Mrs. A. C. Westenbrink at Triodosbank nr. NL 33 TRIO 0197 7497 55. Thank You You will get it back within a week , as it will only take One Last Action to Get my Beloved Joe out of the US Army in Afghanistan for his short Leave & then he can pay me back all that I`ve already invested in this Project of Reunion as Soultwins Sofar I Am So Gratefull For Any Help & Actual Coperation of My FB Friends & I will solely FOCUS on This for the Time Being Thank You for Your Understanding & Support Here `s my Favorite Music Shared with Love & Gratitude “Anne Cares “
A gift of Love

My Beloved Joe, is Dying to Leave the Army to Join me in my Lightwork & Compassionate Service Work for the World (1st. we`ll start an Orphanage in  Ombo in Western Kenya for Erick Otieno & his family & villagers ) but we will have to find a small short term Loan ( € 2000 ) needed to start the  Great Fund to Make this into a Reality. We Need Your Love & Compassion To Work for the Greater Good of All . Thank You for Letting me know that You Are Willing to Actually Spend Something  to Get Peace of Mind & Heart & True Satisfaction of Having Actually Done Your Share to Uplift the 3rd World in Love & Compassion .  I Am So Gratefull. We Are All ONE & All Life Is Interconnected . •.♥♫♡ May All the Beings in All the Worlds Join Hands in Sacred Prayer & Action for Peace & All Things Good  ƸӜƷ• ڿڰ ಌ  In Lak`ech Ala Kìn. ⁀♥ ° Aum Namah Shivaya . ☼ ღ¸☆☼ I AM. Shared with Love & Gratitude ♥ OM Shanti. Om Sai Ram. OM [♥]

[♥]♥ಌ ڿڰ N ░ A ░ M ░ A ░ S░ T ░ E  ڿڰ ಌ ♥ [♥] [♥]

ACIM . I want to know what’s true ; I want to start anew ; I’m no longer feeling blue, And only loving You.

ACIM Daily Lesson Poems

Dear Blessed Friend,
Please enjoy today’s ACIM poem at the link below.
Today’s Lesson: “I am in need of nothing but the truth.”
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Lesson 251 Quote:
“I sought for many things, and found despair. Now do I seek but one, for in that one is all I need, and only what I need. All that I sought before I needed not, and did not even want. My only need I did not recognize. But now I see that I need only truth. In that all needs are satisfied, all cravings end, all hopes are finally fulfilled and dreams are gone. Now have I everything that I could need. Now have I everything that I could want. And now at last I find myself at peace.”
ACIM Daily Poem For Lesson #251, September 8th, 2014
I am in need of nothing but the truth.

Many things I sought in life,
Many things I bought in life,
But then I got distraught in life,
And now my mind is fraught with life.

I want to know what’s true;
I want to start anew;
I’m no longer feeling blue,
And only loving You.

I asked for things I never wanted,
Walking through this world undaunted —
Sought happiness that wasn’t there,
And then my heart filled with despair —

Inside I was bleeding,
True love I was needing,
But I didn’t recognize it,
And still my mind defies it.

But God’s Truth makes me calm,
And His Truth is my balm —
Thank You God for eternal peace,
And thank You for my soul’s release.

I thank You more and more
For what You did restore —
You gave me faith — I really can
At last be who I really am.
From “Songs for Miracles — ACIM Daily Poems”

© Leo Vidal, 2014, All Rights Reserved
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The Thirteen Crystal BEings message to humanity 7th Sept 14

Here are the Latest Truth Codes. This Is What It Is. SOUL Fully Aligns with This. Love is All That is & Rest Is Yust Fear To be Left Behind. My SOUL Self Agrees with This Awesome Trutchcode Completely. We All Have Different Reference points but its All in the HEART Space Where We can Find our Our TRUTH. I Am Love. I Am Light. I Am Truth. I Am Peace. I Am ONE with All That is. We Are ONE & All Is Interconnected. I Am Gratitude. I AM Source. I Am Creator of my Own Life. I Am a Multidimensional Being of Light. I AM That I AM. I Am Here on Planet Earth on a Mission to Ascend and Help Humanity Evolve to Ever Higher Frequencies of Love & Light. I Am a Pleiadian of the Blue Ray. I Am in Love With All That is. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. AUM.
Thank You Beloved Karen Dover for Being the Channel for this Awesome Truthcode. It Is Magnificent !
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” (c) Karen Dover
The Thirteen Crystal BEings message to humanity , 7th Sept 2014. Published Sep.7th. 2014.
(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved. For further information on The Thirteen Crystal BEings and the work of Karen Dover please visit