30 September 2015 , One of my Daily Adventures on the Internet

30 September 2015 , One of my Daily Adventures on the Internet


hrnjKX22NkPSzElw8Cn8TU2UR5CTAm6Uibrjf4l1Pp3BNT5yE2gOaQ==Today I received a gmail that this one ( @AdventuresReece follows me ) is following me on Twitter from now on  so I went to her Twitter to find out that  she has called it “Reece Adventures “ & this is what she tells about herself on Twitter : “20-something kid living an unconventional life…money, property investing, travel, starting an online business at http://www.backpackandalaptop.com, UK  ,  adventuresofreece.com “


Interested & inspired, I decided to go to her website & read her beautifull story (see below ) & left her the following comment on her  http://backpackandalaptop.com/about-me :

Anne Westenbrink , September 30, 2015 at 8:47 am

“Wow, I think U are doing Great dear Chloe. I really enjoyed reading your story. Get in contact with me when U need exchange on how to stay living a free life. To be free from worries, try always to stay living & laughing & crying & Being in the Here & Now. Taking responsability for whatever U do & Always look at the Bright Side of Life. I do ! Much Love & if U enjoy Social media, also add me on Google+ or FB if U want, or follow me on Youtube or any of my Blogs (links are on About.me). I`ve got lots to offer. Bye for now & someday I`d like to introduce U to my 29 year old son, Daan, who is free like U, but has taken a job in Austria right now, running a youthhotel. Btw. I may have studied at Universitylevel in Amsterdam, NL, but right after my Masters,  I took a good 4 years course in Astrology & that completely satifies my desire to get to really know myself as well as others.  Look at http://www.psychoastrologe.nl for my history & info on my Holistic practice Always Keep Smiling  ! LIfe is Beautifull when U can take all things as an adventure ! Anne “


c7gFedWEngjujC6hgyWqZz9LRgsD4NInV5dtSm5A5HeBEfdnp3dUwA==Then my Adventure this morning led me to search her ( ReeceAdventures or her real name, Chloe) on Google+ & as I followed her link, I noticed & liked amongst her latest posts,  one that captured my inner eye as one of the best  for the Times of Change we Living Right Here & Now with all the Refugees Worldwide (more or less suddenly ) having to leave it all behind, but first a little more on this,  my new online friend & follower on Twitter :

  • Chloe Nazaruk, Lives (normally in between all of her travels ) in Belper, United Kingdom & after looking at her Google+ posts , I added her to my Google+ Circle “Consciousness /Planetary Awareness” where I have now added 147 of my Google+ friends .

On her  GOOGLE + ,  I notice that Chloe has “only” 116 followers & 4.890 views,  but don`t be fooled by this,  as on her TWITTER,  we can see a whole different picture. So yust for the record, she has posted 30.146 TWEETS ,  she FOLLOWS  39.151 people & IS followed by 37.412 people on her Twitter & we seem to have 60 Twiiterfollowers IN COMMON.  Its always nice to know we have quite some common grounds

Ok , on with my Daily Adventures on the Social Media, Today with my focus Now on Google + ,  Chloe Nazaruk has shared in Public her BLOGPOST  (Openbaar = dutch for Publicly  Shared  ) :

  • 25 sep. 2015, What If You Lost Everything You Own?It’s completely understandable to be scared of losing a loved one, or something that’s incredibly valuable to you. But what about material things?…..
  • Anne Westenbrink , my Comment on her Google+ post :

Annes Collage Kenia projectDear Chloe. Thank U for this Great post. This is my story for U & All to read. About 6 years ago,  I met someone from Kenya online on a Social Media site , where I am yust to make friends. He had lost everything he owned  (his job, house, car , pc & even his passport ) in 1 day ! That was after the Electionviolence broke out in his country & 30.000 kenians ended up in a refugeecamp , with not much hope for the future. He had managed to flee to Kisumu where he could stay with a befriended family in the slums & got out a lifeline on the internet to see if there would still be someone with the right attitude & an open heart & mind to talk too. That one happened to be me 🙂 The next 3 years I spend trying to help him get on his feet again & now he is back with his family, who still live in small village in west Kenya, without electricity & waterpipes. Together with a few friends we send him money for 2 cows, a few goats & chickens, a watertank & new roofs for their huts & that way  enabled them to start growing their own vegetables again & a small business (second hand shoes), so they can survive at least. It was the best experience to me,  as that really helped them & me, to  once again start having Hope & Faith & Love for a Humanity willing to really Help each other without agenda`s. Btw. I have been living on a very basic income all my life and very happily so.

00sv000tfERSince 2 years, a very brave & honest man from the US military has  put his mind to come & see me & Mm & some of my best friends  helped me pay for his 3 months leave,  that is now actually granted for by the Pentagon happily. So when his job is done in Afghanistan, (they`re fighting the Taliban in Kunduz right now, which is not an easy fight as U may know ) & so we`ll see how this adventure will end. I `ll let U know if U write me back and /or follow me :). Never ever give up Hope & never stop helping yourself to a Good life,  filled with adventures as that way U can be an example to others.  It all comes down  to knowing that “We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For ” & Together as ONE Humanity, We Can Change this World for the Better. We need to work together so that All Humans in the end can Live a Happy & Healthy  Life in Freedom & the Joy of Living.  May God Bless U dear. ( btw I yust made a comment on your Blog on “about me” through Twitter ). U can find me on : http://about.me/annewestenbrink


On went my search into this young & adventurous woman, Chloe & on her About Me,  http://backpackandalaptop.com/about-me I read :

Hi, I’m Chloe, creator of Backpack and a Laptop.I’m 25 years old, British, ex military and currently wandering the earth.My goal is to be completely free. I want to carry my possessions around on my back, to see as much of the world as possible, and to build an online business so that I never have to take a job again. It may seem a bit extreme, but to me, that’s living the dream !

·       It all started when I was 16….

I quit school. As I’m from the UK, that’s legal, but it’s definitely not the advised course of action.

Every adult I knew thought it was a terrible idea, but let me tell you this much- I’ve learned so much in the past 9 years that I think it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.

I stayed in the UK until I was 18 (just), at which point I moved to Germany for a job. There was no thought process involved- I simply wasn’t happy where I was, and took the first job I got offered.

I soon discovered that Germany was not right for me, but that didn’t matter. I’d taken that first step away from my country of birth, and something had changed inside of me.

        The traveling bug had kicked in.

 Next thing I knew, I was going to California for the summer. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but California is absolutely stunning. I felt immediately at home there, and I know that I’d move there in a heartbeat (you know, when I’m older and want to settle). I digress.

My love of traveling went from there- I may have only been 18 at the time, but I knew that I had to see the world. There would be no settling down, no ‘stable’ job, no security. I wanted to test myself, to see how far I could go.

And you thought that the story would carry on like that? I’m afraid not. I traveled for 2 years before succumbing to pressure and returning home to find a ‘stable job’.

       ‘Get a stable job!’

I was 20 by this point, and had actually begun to believe that I should be setting up my future. You know- house, car, job for life ? I finally gave in and bought into that line of thinking.

Cue a lot of tail between my legs moments as I dragged myself home from quite literally the other side of the world (Australia is an incredible place to visit- I’d definitely recommend it), arriving back at home and finding myself a stable job (well, as ‘stable’ as the Army can be).

For 4 years I stuck my stable job. For 4 years I felt like I was going against everything I believed in- I felt trapped.

So I made an executive decision, and…

 I quit.

67096_4625160556556_1798425319_n And I went to Belize for 3 months, with really no plan. Does that sound crazy to you? It even sounded crazy to me, but it was an incredible experience.


I chilled out on my own for 2 months.

I found a snake and a scorpion in my house.

I lived off rice, bread and eggs.

I read a lot of books.

I got my head back in the game.

I moved out to a tropical island.

I swam with sharks.


My mother even came out to visit me, and we sat chilling out as the sun set every night, drinking mojitos, and watching luminous fish swimming in the sea below our feet. Words cannot describe how magical it was.


I recently got home from Mallorca, which is another stunningly beautiful place.

I lived a mile from the beach, and I get to do what I love, which is look after animals.

But I run on a 3 month cycle- so right now I’m back at home, just starting to plan my next big adventure.

That’s what I love. Life is one huge adventure, and I’m determined to get out there and live it.


*This was favourite swimming spot in Mallorca. It doesn’t get much more beautiful! 

(Note by me, Anne : it was a captivating picture but takes up too much space in this blog for me  so I deleted it here , sorry &  anyway U can find beautifull pictures on Mallorca anywhere on the internet )


And that’s all well and good, isn’t it…..but how on earth can you fund such a lifestyle?

My friends and family think that I’m crazy- but a good kind of crazy. I’m simply determined that there is a way to make this lifestyle work long term. There has to be a way to work from my computer, anywhere in the world, to fund my traveling.

And it doesn’t mean that I lack stability in my life. I’m still studying (online, I’m half way through my degree right now). While I was in my stable job I invested in property, so I have links back to the UK, and a small income from my houses.

My point is that just because you’re not living a traditional life, doesn’t mean that the future doesn’t matter. I still think about the long term effects of what I’m doing, about my retirement fund and future business ventures. Education still matters to me, but I just do it online instead of in a physical university.

Let me tell you a little secret…..


You can live your life from anywhere in the world. 

 Many people would love to travel but are terrified of leaving their job. I get it. Not having job security is a big worry- , even for me. But that’s why I’m now working so hard to create a business that I can take anywhere with me.

The internet has made this possible, so let’s take advantage of it!

To learn more right now about starting your own online business, see the Start Your Business page.

QAnGmYEsm0pyoN2Ww5Tmz2Y8sD20tPdkIsfYXunLetedxrSm-Npsqg==Let yourself imagine how your life would be if you were completely free….

How does it look to you?

Is that the life you want?


Feel free to drop me a comment below or find me on Wealthy Affiliate , where I’ll be creating more of this good stuff for you !

Alternatively, feel free to email me about anything on this site. You’ll find me at chloe@backpackandalaptop.com, and I make sure I reply to every email I receive.

Catch you soon,



423970_292008984198240_975128444_nShared with Love & Gratitude. Om Shanti. Om Sai Ram. May All The Beings in All The World Be Happy & Free. See my http://about.me/annewestenbrink for links to my Social media & Thank U for Reading & Liking & even Commenting. I `ll get Back to U of U leave me a note this time soon  , as I `ve finally learned how to use my WordPress properly. I Love U in All That Is. Love is All We Need & the rest is yust Fear to be left behind We Are ONE Humanity Living on ONE Planet & Need to Share & Care for the Highest Good of All. I AM.

What a Wonderfull Way of Life in Truth & Freedom We Are All Able To Live

ANNE, U can also write me at anda642@hotmail.com  



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Full Moon Eclips

May there be Peace on Earth.
May WeUMeAll & especially our Beloved ones in the warzones & all refugees be kept safe & healthy. May our Love Be Infinite & Enduring. May Our Love keep growing stronger each day. May the Power of Love be Greater than the Love of Power.
We Are ONE. I Am

We Are ONE Collective Field of Consciousness . Love is All We Need & the rest is yust fear to be left behind. Meditate to reach your Highest Point of Awakening . I Am

We Are ONE Collective Field of Consciousness . Love is All We Need & the rest is yust fear to be left behind. Meditate to reach your Highest Point of Awakening .
I Am

BLOOD MOON: Your Vulnerability Key – Equinox Eclipsing We are reeling and whirling from Retrograde Eclipse-Window Equinox weekend, spun and spiraled in the passionate tango of Love (that doesn’t necessarily feel like love) and the blaze of creative collaborative soul contracts – we are here, we are now, swimming in the tides of this beautiful and powerful Blood Moon, with little or no time for sleep! Surprisingly, the best and only way through it all is to let yourself be overwhelmed as your vulnerability is the key to unlock the magic of this Mystery. If you are restless, frustrated and not sleeping, these energies are doing their work to bring surrender – the ultimate resignation of all control – moving you into the terrifying place of not knowing or understanding what is happening. 

The ultimate goal of spirit in concert with the planetary cosmic frequency is to shift your perspective towards embracing change, letting go of what you know, allowing the new to envelope you. Scary good! And: ‘In the Light of Love We are Whole’

ASTRONOMY: Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse appears drenched in amber-red, thus the name Blood Moon.  It will be visible entirely in the Eastern U.S. and partially in Central and Western U.S.  Time in MTN zone is Sept. 27th at 6:47 pm until 11:23 pm, with maximum at 8:47pm This is the fourth Blood Moon in a series of 4 spanning 2014-2015 and this ‘tetrad’ – 4 lunar eclipses in a row: April 15, 2014, Oct 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and Sept 28, 2015 – has not occurred for 300 years. It means we are at a critical juncture in time and its effects will last this whole year and its ramifications will influence the next 300 years! The Blood Moon – this South Node Lunar Eclipse—is about culmination and completion; the potency of soul is unleashed and dramatic emotions released.  We filter all our experiences up to this point and realize our lack, urging us to desire more fulfillment and fruition. Because Lunar Eclipses are like Full Moons on steroids, they highlight polarity within and without, but the mirror of relationship is polished especially bright when highlighted by the Aries-Libra axis. Sunday Sept 27th, 2015, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries manifests the emotional need for autonomy, the respect for one’s personal independence and freedom.  Yet Mercury Retrograde in Libra exactly opposite this Moon crowns us all in indecision, delay, and reversible thinking.  If we do not decide, are we still declaring our truth? Conundrum equals frustration! We struggle with the urge to just run away rather than bask in the brilliant light of our own shadow’s reflection? The bottom line is: This cascading configuration is a recipe for emotional motivation, reminding us of the need for an aggressive acceptance of what is, and for the most daring levels of transparency.  And even though we may feel blindfolded, only our fearless forward leaps will save us. When confronting the unknown and unexpected, the innovative genius awakens to inspire, lead, teach and vitally live each moment.  You must embody your philosophy and be willing to take leaps of faith, knowing your hand is lovingly held, gently guided by those who have braved the leap before, and you can do it, together. The first of this Aries-Libra series of eclipses occurred in October, 2013.  For the last 19 months, the cosmos has forced us to weave the paradoxical dynamic of the Aries-Libra nodes—the more freedom my partners allow me, the more I can develop both a healthy relationship with myself and with The Others, with the Inner and Outer Beloved.    And yet, circumstances have forced us to ask: Have I been Aries – ‘doing it all alone,” or have I been too focused and dependent on supporting the other—Libra? Conundrum with a psychic twist!    Holding on leads to expectation, but allowance and surrender to What Is facilitates the path of evolution unfolding according to a higher orchestrated plan. This is our delicate Libra dance of ‘Thy will be done’ – the path of least resistance, the doing which is non-doing. And: ‘In the Light of Love We Heal and Sing’    Be intentional. Remember, we are all in this together.  Astrology is simply a language to explain the unexplainable, i.e. emotions. Reach out to yourself, steady yourself, look in the mirror – what’s bothering you, deep down inside. When you’ve figured yourself out, then reach out to those you love and be honest AND then let them be honest back. Sometimes just knowing there is an explanation for the unexplainable is very comforting and helps us find common ground for healing our hearts. Head’s up: For those born with the Nodes in Libra and Aries such as those born in 1959, 1969, 1978, 1987 will feel this eclipse dynamically in their lives. Also, remember celestial events cover a 3 day window. You may have been ‘feeling’ these intense energies before the actual event, during it and days later. Hang in there! If you need support, I’m happy to help! Learn more about your chart and book a consult here. Remember that patience is the number one challenge for an Aries moon.  Lacking tact but conquering indecisions, Aries is all about personal truth and authentic living, as opposed to the strategic diplomacy of Libra.    And yet as hard as it may be, Libra patience is necessary now, and with the potency of the Lunar Eclipse coupled with Mercury Retrograde, we are being tested to allow the powerful feelings to arise, while not rushing in to rash action.  Remembering that Saturn (Chronos) is exalted in Libra, only Time will Tell, and only Compassion will Heal. ‘Love is the Way Home’ Teresa

Beloved I Am Presence. Intensify your protecting Pillar of Pure Cosmic White Light Substance, in , through & around me. Charge it with your invincable protection, all powerfull & inpenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light & keep it sustained. May it keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, immune to all imperfect vibratoty rates. So be it. It is done . I Am That I Am. As Above, So Below. I Am Peace. I Am Love. I Am Beautifull. I Am Bountifull. I AM

Beloved I Am Presence. Intensify your protecting Pillar of Pure Cosmic White Light Substance, in , through & around me. Charge it with your invincable protection, all powerfull & inpenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light & keep it sustained. May it keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, immune to all imperfect vibratoty rates. So be it. It is done . I Am That I Am. As Above, So Below.
I Am Peace. I Am Love. I Am Beautifull.
I Am Bountifull. I AM


Climbing the rigorous steps of self-within The ardent clear-eyed adventurer begins Finding pillars of support in token Acknowledging what has been unspoken For the authentic-self awakening beseeches What is this tether that holds me insidiously? The Eclipsing Blood Moon sheds its truth Of Soul contracts made beyond space and time Those precious alchemical blood relationships Are surfacing for mutual creative resolution What is ending now has completed its cycle On evolutionary roaring waves of catharsis Life yearns for aggressive acceptance In the most daring levels of transparency Transforming sacred soul covenants, now Creating new expressions of kinship, now Though blindfolded & weary of the unknown Only fearless forward flights of faith will free now We are the soaring glowing bodies of divine spark The bloodline of I AM, is infused in our roots! Raising each other’s lanterns to the stars As Soul’s are soaring on wings of freeing faith

~Teresa Scott


Although this is Copyright © 2015 ReGenesis Inc, All rights are totally released YOU ARE TOTALLY FREE TO FORWARD THIS, SHARE THIS AND EVEN TAKE THE WORDS AS YOUR OWN, As, there is no ownership in spirit only  oneness!  Teresa

Whatever U do, do it with Love. Whatever U say. let it be Truthfull. Whatever U feel, let it be authentic ! Love is the Way to Peace. http://about.me/annewestenbrink

Whatever U do, do it with Love. Whatever U say. let it be Truthfull.
Whatever U feel, let it be authentic !
Love is the Way to Peace.

Some Great Links for the Incoming Waves of LOVE & Light on the Full Moon in Aries. Eclips

September 2015 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics,

By Simone M Matthews

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015






  • Illumination and Inspiration from Mary Magdalene on Divine Harmony 25 September 2015
  • SaLuSa 25 September 2015 by Mike Quinsey
  • Energy Update: Incoming Crystalline Blasts Are to Target Anything of Lower Vibration 09 23 2015
  • Speak as a God Think as a God Become as a God ~ Gillian MacBeth Louthan Sept 24 2015
  • Saint Germain 24 September 2015 Galactic Federation of Light
  • Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar 65 Preview: Redefining Prosperity                                                                                                                 
  • Archangel Gabriel September 24 2015 Galactic Federation of LightThank U so much Beloved Archangel Gabriel for the Beautifull Message. We Are Ready for the Radiance of our Soul around this Full Moons Eclips. In Gratitude, Infinite Joy & Love , Peace & Consciousness . I Am
  • Channeled Message The Shift at the Core of the Earth by Lady Quan YinGepubliceerd op 24 sep. 2015http://www.omna.orgUpon the Earth when in existence in human form there are certain qualities which are required to be continuously present within your being to support the wellbeing and happiness of your reality, the greatest of these qualities is trust in the Creator. You exist within a reality which is challenging for you to grasp and understand, many things occur within the universe of the Creator and upon the Earth without your influence, input or understanding. It seems as if there is a continuous almost automatic energy which ensures everything continues to exist, grow and flow both within your physical body, upon the Earth and within the Universe of the Creator. You can most easily recognise this within your physical body which continues to live, breath, think and move, it would seem automatically without any major input from you. Whether you realise it or not you as a soul and spirit trust your physical body to continue to exist until it is no longer required. Yes sometimes the physical body is hindered through illness, injury or disease and yet this was not created by the physical body more so by your mind and emotions retaining painful memories or beliefs which attack the physical body and obstruct its natural rhythm and harmony. However there is a continuous nature to your physical body which you believe in, this is the same for the Universe of the Creator.http://www.omna.org
    • *********************************************************
    • Although you cannot completely understand the workings and purpose of the Earth and the inner planes there is a knowingness within you of trust which recognises that as we all move through energetic shifts harmony and equilibrium will be maintained and all will be safe and cared for. This is a profoundly powerful energy within you which is required to be enhanced and empowered at this time of ascension. Fear is the opposite of the energy of trust, created from lack of understanding and an attachment to insecurity. This is born from the illusion that you have to know about everything in order for it to continue to work smoothly. You can never understand how balance is maintained within the Universe of the Creator, how the Earth receives the appropriate energy upgrades and how your body
    • Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 24th September 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
  • The Shift at the Core of the Earth by Lady Quan Yin
  • . https://youtu.be/enF2RfLYkB8?list=LL-h_Jh6RrP0Vm0jPj0GiFEg
  • Loving the Bigger Picture – Archangel Uriel ~ September 24 – October 1, 2015 by: Julie Miller
  • Drake Bailey Update 09 . 23 . 2015 With Out Music


  • All the News of TRUTH & LOVE Na’maste


Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Delivers Historic Speech before US Congress 9/24/2015

Please share this Historic Speech of the Pope to the American Congress. Do Listen to his words please . He is capable of Uniting All heart emoticon The transcript is available under the video ( LIVE Now) on You tube heart emoticon I Am Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth
Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Delivers Historic Speech before US Congress 9/24/2015

Published on Sep 24, 2015


23 September 2015, Annes Daily Mirror.
I know that the universe only wants my good through
everything that happens to me, all that I experience,
feel, think and IS, for only in this way
does everything line up perfectly.
A Course In Miracles Lesson 266 ,
My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.
“Father, you gave me all your Sons, to be my saviors and counselors in sight; the bearers of You Holy Voice to me.”

ACIM Lesson of the Day , http://jamestwyman.tv/lesson266.html
Alternate YouTube Lesson , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mosTtzYwWmA
**************************************************From Humanity`s Team , September 23rd, 2015
We not only have the ability to do this on behalf of Humanity, we also have permission to do this because WE ARE ONE and there is NO separation. We have reached a critical mass of Divine Love and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth has made the conscious decision to move forward in the Light. This is true whether or not the person has realized this yet on a conscious level.
All we have to say is, “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. The Light I invoke on behalf of myself I invoke on behalf of every person on Earth. I know and accept that this influx of Light will manifest in perfect alignment with every person’s Divine Plan and the highest good of all concerned.”
–Life Transforming Success and Much, Much More! By Patricia Cota-Robles
P.S. To see all of our upcoming programs, including with Gay & Katie Hendricks, Arthur Joseph who has coached Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angelina Jolie and other key leaders and to get free 48 hour replays, click here: http://livinginone.com/


The Creator Writings

You have been entrusted with a spark of Divine Love.  Tend to it, care for it and make

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, September 11, 2015

Love is All That Is & Together as ONE We Can Do It. Pls. Join Us In this Last Battle of the Ages & Be Actively Spreading the Truth !

David Wilcock/Corey Goode Interview: Aug 24th 2015 – Jimmy Church Radio

Link to my yust started “Collection  Astrology” on Google+ https://plus.google.com/collection/wtTC2 with my New Moons Chart  From www.inzichten.com , a Great Article by Manuela van der Knaap  on the New Moon in Virgo /Solar Eclipse

Link to my yust started “Collection Astrology” on Google+ https://plus.google.com/collection/wtTC2 with my New Moons Chart
From http://www.inzichten.com , a Great Article by Manuela van der Knaap
on the New Moon in Virgo /Solar Eclipse


Oracles and Healers

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Love is all powerful, nothing can defeat It.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams & Thank You Beloved Friends & Cocreators & All Here in this Magnificent Universe for Sharing & Caring Your Wisdom in the Purity of Your Being & the Great Love We Share As ONE Spiritual Union of Enlightened Souls ♥ I Love * ☼ * You • All Equally (¯`♥´¯) We Are Human Angels In the Family of Love & Unity ƸӜƷ Keep Smiling ☮ Be At PEACE ☮ & BE LOVE ✿(¯`♥´¯) Sending Warm Hugzzzz from the ONE Heart ♥ across the Miles ~~~ * ☼ * WE LOVE YOU ✫ ☼ ♥ ॐ May God Bless You All Abundantly. I Am. Om Shanti. Om Sai Ram. OM ♥ * ☼ *.•ƸӜƷ• .•.ღ ☆ ♥ NAMASTE ✫

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday September 6th

With the illusory world apparently in chaos it is very unsettling for you all to be constantly made aware of the enormous suffering that is occurring and which it seems you cannot personally ease in any way at all.  You can pray for those suffering, you can send charitable donations to appropriate organizations that offer assistance, you can call on your politicians to address the situation with ultimate compassion, yet despite all of this the suffering continues seemingly with no solution anywhere to be seen.

The illusion, being intended to separate you from God, cannot but cause suffering.  You all, without exception, desperately want to be unconditionally loved.  To be unconditionally loved by God is your natural and eternal state of existence, and to be separated from that state is terrifying, humiliating, and very painful.  Of course you have never been separated…

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