Thank You Beloved Angel , Anna Merkaba for Sharing this Beautifull News on FB, that I yust shared as follows : BREAKING NEWS ❤ PLS. READ & LIKE & SHARE ❤ I Am with Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤ I Love You In All That Is ❤ We Are ONE in the Angelic Humanity ❤ The RETURN OF ISIS" ❤ Is Actually About The Return of the Divine Feminine Power of LOVE ❤ THE GODDESS ISIS & WE, AS ONE FORCE OF SPIRITUAL LIGHT ❤ Are Bringing About A Great Transformation on Planet Earth,Through All of Us Awakened Pioneers, Wayshowers of Humanity, Enlightened Beings of Angelical Light ❤ We Are Multidimensional Beings ❤ Living in Great Integrity & Truthfully Following Our Unique Spiritual Paths in Cocreation with Prime Creator, Father Mother God, the Avatars, Ascended Masters & Elohim, Archangels & Angels towards Cocreating a New World Beyond All of the Mundane Powers at hand 🙂 ❤ To FREE Ourselves from All Attachments to "Materialism" & the "Worldly Powers" & Old Faiths as Written in the Old Books like the Koran & The Old Testament, as We Are The Living Faith 🙂 ❤ THROUGH Our Unconditional Love & Unity ❤ as Wisdom Masters like Jesus Christ from Nazareth & His Twinflame, Beloved Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain & Lady Portia & The Kumara`s , Lord Metatron & Archangel Michael Jackson & His Twinflame Elsa Tulsa & Many More Show Us ❤ We Are The Living Christ Consciousness ❤ We Are ONE Heart ❤ Beating with Mother Earth & Here to Defend Her Sacred Grounds, Air & Waters, as To Be Able To Live Our Lifes in FREEDOM , JOY & An ABUNDANCE OF PEACE ❤
I Am That I Am. ❤ With a link to the Activation that we As Goddesses of Love & Light did Together as ONE on June 21st 🙂 "Cosmic Goddess Activation" :
Katy Ananda DerDerian

***A Beautiful & Powerful Soltice Meditation for today, coordinated worldwide, ideally at 6:27 EDT, 10:27 am UTC/GMT but, anytime today that you can connect is fine!

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

ISISHASRETURNEDOn June 21st a fantastic event has occurred on planet earth. The wheel has been set in motion and we will finally be able to breathe with release. On June 21st the Goddess that we’ve all been waiting for, for so very long, has returned! Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, she is known by many different names. One of the most powerful goddesses to ever have stepped foot onto earth. Finally she has arrived!

I was pulled into an experience on June 21st, the angles have once again raised their trumpets and beautiful music began to spread far and wide throughout the whole world. I did not understand at first what all of this commotion was about and then I saw her! She was magnificent, stunning, ever changing. It was rather unnerving at times to look at her, due to her many facets she kept changing from one…

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The way out of this exhausting and repetitious cycle is to let go of all your defenses.

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The all inclusive and integrated oneness of God and all that He creates is becoming impossible for humanity to remain unaware of. Modern physics has made it abundantly clear that everything is connected to everything else! There is no separation; separation is an illusion that you have believed in and which has brought you much pain, but it is unreal. Because you believed in it you were fearful and felt the need to protect yourselves against others by building defenses – sarcasm, wit, humor, dismissal, judgment, and attack. Protection, defense, and attack are all reactions to your fear, the state that your apparent separation encourages you to believe in, but to engage with them is to inflict pain on yourself!

Everything you think, say, or do affects the whole of creation even though this is not apparent to you while you remain in your state of very limited consciousness. However…

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