The Angels say: ‘I see you.’

Thank You Beloved Gabriel & All Angels & Especially this Angel who Blogged It. I Feel you All Around & Within Me. We Are All ONE In Divine Love & Light. I Am So Gratefull for All of UMeWe Flowing as ONE in Unity

“Deliverance” by Shimshai on Spotify ….
“ Living in my Devotion of the One… I hear your song … in ever living more for every living one …. be the light reflection of the Sun …. I see your face … in every living wonder of eternal grace….. in everything I see you … a glimpse of what it is to be you …… in longing to be near you ……. would I be a fool to fear you……. for I am becoming as part of the whole ….. I have begun with an infinite role ….its part of a journey as deep as your soul ….. deliverance in perfection of the way ….. within your grand everflowing fountain of your Holiness and a pure connection to the Source ……I feel your pulse … the heartbeat of creation giveth birth to truth….. what am I before you … a fragment to reflect ….I adore you …surrounded by your beauty…… do receive and give in to me … for I am a star in the stairway of time …I am the burning beginning to blime .. and always in promise regardless of rhyme…..I believe in the glory of God… I believe in the wisdom within and above …and I pray for the balance of all we perceive …I give thanks for the blessings to give and receive …nananaannaa na … Dedicated to my Beloved Joe & All Loving Souls on Good Friday, June 13th ….


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