Wat betreft YouTube – nuestro mundo real es una mentira – ilusion (1-2)


           Very important video to study for all people

          that truely want to get to the heart of the matter !

               Spoken in english & subtitles in Spanish  

YouTube – nuestro mundo real es una mentira – ilusion (1-2)

Wat betreft YouTube – 11-11 Portal of Light

               A GLOBAL 11:11 LINKUP

            With the help of a great Youtube video produced by   Adele Selina

           &    a spoken INVOCATION  of THE GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS

                              by Anrita Melchizedek

            For the Million Lightworkers Now on Planet Earth 

           Assisted by the Many Lightbeings in other dimensions !

            We will meditate with this :

         " Invocation for the New Reality Paradigm "

            Everyday at 11:11 Am & 23:11 PM for 11 days at a row !

            From the 11th of November 2010 until the 22th !

            For more info see :  www.pleiadianlight.net  or www.newlightfusion.com

           or  www.newrealitytransmission.com

             This is it , here is the link >>>>>  YouTube – 11-11 Portal of Light  !!!!!

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           WE ARE ALL ONE !!!!!






Wat betreft YouTube – ENIGMA ~ Invisible Love


Citaat :  Casey : "The Colour of a Woman`s Heart ":

                       Woman hears the wind speak , as the angels speak to her.

             She dances with life as she is touched by the great compassion

             She speaks through her soul of the Consciousness of Oneness

             because she is a true healer to all

             and she heals with love

             this human angel of light

             Anne : With gratitude to Facebook  & Windows Live   for their cooperation in these connections  

                       The music link added is yust heavenly , don`t forget to click on it !

                      YouTube – ENIGMA ~ Invisible Love


Wat betreft YouTube – 2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda

         Let us prepare ourselves & prepare Planet Earth !

      Let us get ready , liberate & celebrate ! 

      It is our choice whether we make 2012 into a Doomsday   Or                  Enlightenment   Day !

      We can get comfortable with less thoughts & more actions ,

      by listening more to our Hearts & Intuition

         & Unclutch from all the Mind stuff !

         Meditate at least 30 minutes a day  & prepare your body through yoga !

         Start feeling comfortable without coffee, drugs & medication & all  the        drama that is being acted out !

         We are being lifted up in our Collective Consciousness and ushered into the "New Age of the 6th Sun" as called by the Mayan Calendar ,

        or called "Satya Yuga" , or "Golden Age"by the Hindu traditions .

 YouTube – 2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda