The Mega Equinox & Eclipses – The Astro Crucible

The 1st New Moon of 2015 on January 20st .

The 1st New Moon of 2015 on January 20st .

The Mega Equinox & Eclipses – The Astro Crucible

Archangel Metatron with Tyberonn of the Pleiades

 via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light. I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you in a vector of love. Masters we share important information in this gathering. Information specific to the present time. We speak of an incredible eclipse and equinox that occurs in a few days.As always, it is for you to discern what resonates and what does not….for you are indeed Master in the making.

Dear Ones, 2015 is absolutely an enthralling year astrologically. Such astro-events in this beginning phase of the New Planet Earth are designed to be so, for an incredible transition is in place. And we tell you that the changes are being aided, embellished and transacted by means of astronomical patterning and solar radiation. Occurrences that occur annually, such as eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, trines, planetary alignments, comets and meteor events began taking on crystalline geometric coding from the initiation of the 2009 Cosmic Trigger, and these embellishments are gaining momentum in 2015, Year Three of the New Planet Earth!

Year Three

The Mayan Calendar foretold of a new time, the fifth ‘world’ beginning centuries ago in the astronomical assertion that a ‘New Earth would begin in 2013 at the end of 2012. And indeed the Crystalline Grid emerged at that time on the 12-12-12. The planetary grid and planet rebooted soon afterward on the 12-21-12. Our measurement then is based on the timing of the New Earth matrix, not the speed in which humanity adepts to the shift. For indeed not all humans will shift into the new pattern, and the calibration of those that do, is qualitative not quantitative…it depends on the light quotient and focus of each individual, you see. This is quite logical, is it not? The 2012 Ascension was the Planetary graduation; the Ascension of Humanity is many years in the future.

It is now, from this accurate perspective, Year Three of the New Planet Earth. 2015 a time in which you are re-calibrating to the new crystalline energies. How quickly you adjust will depend on each individuals light quotient. Masters, astronomy implied into astrological science is, as your Edgar Cayce stated, a valid endeavor. It is a science in its purest form, but the accurate interpretation is a spiritual art, requiring true devoted study as does any science. We are not speaking of ‘daily news horoscopes’, most of which are for purposes of entertainment, but rather of a benevolent science of trends, accompanied by devoted study and interpreted with intuitive clarity. Study turns art into science.

Codes of Shift

Astronomical patterning alone does not reveal the full scope of the shifts. But the astro-patterns do provide the template and matrix for the ‘codes of upshift ‘ to be inserted….and such codes are attached thru the equinoxes, solstices, solar flares, and especially eclipses. Accordingly a portion of what we share includes that which cannot be fully seen by mere planetary angles. For we tell you that there is an unseen element in your ‘New Earth’ astronomy, and that is the unity of Spirit Coding and the Collective Higher Intent of Humanity. We wish to assure you, that nothing is happening on your planet, that is not on path. Many will doubt this, but we differ, again we emphatically assure you that the ‘cleansing’ that is surfacing, is requisite for what is to come in 2038.

Thus far over the past 12 months you have experienced a quadrangle of solar and lunar eclipses, and these are culminating on the Total Solar eclipse on the March 20th equinox followed by the Full Moon Total Eclipse of April 4th, and June Solstice. From the Equinox of March until the Solstice of June, you are essentially in one emulsified energy. One that is sandwiched between the September -October 2014 Equinox ‘Tandem Eclipses” and the September-October 2015 Equinox/ Tandem Eclipses. These are by no means ordinary; by no stretch of the imagination are they mundane. And these are further greatly amplified by the massive injections of radiation via Solar Winds, prompting the ‘coding’ of the New Earth in what may be termed the Aquarian shift.

The Astronomy of Purification – The Stellar Crucible

In the current month , there have been three massive Coronal Mass Ejections (CME Solar Flares) , one on March 7th, and a super X2 Class solar flare 5 days ago on March 11th and an X Class-C yesterday on March 17th. These have an energy amplification effect of a ‘full moon X20’. But along with the matrix of intensity the Solar Flares provide a template for coding the new earth, and modifying the ionic ratio of the planet in a manner that percolates unresolved emotion to the surface for requisite clearing. You are in a phase of ‘crucible’ astronomy.

The codes are around up-shift, and up-shift cannot truly occur without ‘clearances’. The madness you see around the planet is part of the clearing. This occurs in macro and micro, for equally in your personal lives, your unresolved issues will surface in the up-shift. Do not expect the current turmoil on the planet to come to a quick end, but do understand that what is happening must be resolved to move higher. If you are expecting a hopeful message, you will not be disappointed, for we tell you that as difficult and unlikely as the naysayers may see the present conflicts, what is happening now will lead to the resolution.

The March 2015 Super Eclipse & Equinox

And so we bring in the energy of Tyberonn of the Pleiades, of Crystalline Service, to discuss the implications of the astro code occurrences.

Greetings ! This week’s Equinox/Eclipse represents a very powerful time for the awakening to Truth on both Global and individual levels. This is an utterly intense astro-frequency, and provides opportunity for contextual review of relationships, partnerships, and indeed your relationship with the 3d world. We have spoken of the Global situation in our recent message (Ref – The 2015 Message to the United Nations), and the focus of this message is then on the individual.

It is a time to consider the review and prioritizing of relationships which hold you back or prevent you from being your better self. If you are partnered or associated with another that disapproves of your spiritual work, or consistently denigrates you. This is the time to put those in order, and this means either changing the agreement or releasing the contact. Eclipses signify shift and in this time you have the potential to experience profound revelations in these areas. Accordingly this phase also brings up the distortions in your own actions versus ideals. It is the perfect intensity for considering the way you perceive, evaluate, judge and act. It is time to review value systems that may be in conflict with higher ideals. This will involve relationship agreements and attachment. This is pushed to the surface in the Venus/Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn, triggering the Uranus-Pluto dynamic….and is further amplified by the equinox build, exponentially magnified by the Total Solar Eclipse and Solar Flares.

New Beginnings

Accordingly the Ecliptical New Moon is the perfect time for new beginnings; although in the unpredictability of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment, courage and strength may be required to overcome the lethargy, in the waning moon gravity. Up until the equinox, you may feel like you are stuck in molasses, but this can for the courageous and astute seeker spring forward in the new moon total solar eclipse. Venus/Uranus trine in Jupiter Retrograde creates a Grand Fire Trine. This essentially amplifies this energy and will give strength to those who persevere in seeking betterment. Venus/Uranus are also sextiled and these are energies which support you in moving past co-dependent traits.

The vibrational ‘bar’ is being raised exponentially in terms of the planetary frequency through these astro-eclipsical episodes. They are advents of enormous downloads. As the Earth rides further toward apexial apogee, and heavy downpours of astrological zingers rain in, most empaths feel the waves of intensities beginning to crest, thus creating an emotional high tide.

Your Role – Be the Change

The March 20 Super Equinox on its own would be a sufficient, but in 2015, the Equinox is embellished to the tipping point, juxtaposed with 2 Total Eclipses and amplified exponentially by potent Coronal Mass Ejections. So Dear Human, hang on to your hats. Do not allow the energy to overwhelm you, it can be managed. Yes, there plenty of squares and unsettling astro-alignments, but there are also some brilliant Trines in play. There is no need to crash over the edge, quite the contrary; with a little focus this can be brilliantly navigated. We repeat, you not only can learn to optimally manage these intensities, it is required of you to do so, because these will continue for the next years. None of these potent astro occurrences are totally one-sided. Indeed, this equinox is chock full of yin-yang, a perfect reflection of duality…and there are many tools for the aware seeker to benevolently grasp & utilize. For both humanity & the planet are receiving supports from all the Cosmic Forces in these events.

You see, the codes of the Solar Flares & Eclipses do not just contain the seeds of surfacing the ‘unresolved energies’. There are also codes that allow for the tools to accomplish this. There is what may be termed as ‘energy packets’, to borrow a term from your ‘video games’, which can be absorbed and strengthen you. There are codes of courage and insight to allow you to not only overcome the intensities, but to thrive at a higher level. These contain the tools of betterment. And the shift of humanity, the transition of mankind as a species will be accomplished first on the individual level, by ‘being the change’ And that is your role, Dear One, to ‘Be the Change’.

The Sun is bathing the earth and humanity with new rays of benevolence. The sparks of crystalline cognition are beckoning in brilliance. The Earth is teeming with new codes, new energies and flexing its expanded dimensional matrix. Of course it is intense – it is cosmic adrenaline. And so with the intensity on the planetary at a high pitch, it is absolutely imperative that each of you maintain an intact Auric sheath to avoid the pitfalls of energetic short circuitry.

Jupiter and Saturn

There are two major planets currently in retrograde, (Saturn & Jupiter) ) and Mercury only recently went direct in early March, so the aftermath of the Mercury retro is still in play. But do not think retrogrades are all negative, for these offer focus potentials. In the current retro’s, are exquisite opportunities for consideration of life purpose and relationships. And in the mix are solar and eclipsical downloads to enable the strength in facing the issues. The key is to face the issues and recalibrate.

We told you in 2014 that the planet is entering a unique phase that is specifically purposed for the requisite surfacing of unexpressed frustration, and negativity. It is unresolved energy. And it is all around you. There are wars, riots and protests … and these are surfacing and percolating to a boiling point. And although some of you may not be directly experiencing these problems, other than seeing news reports, you may none the less, actively be part of the resolution by focusing and co creating highest good. You can do your part in resolving the issues that touch you and helping those around you.

So rather than be discouraged by what you see as devolution….is active in the transition. Be the alchemist the changes lead into gold. The truth is the astro events; this crysto-electromagnetic ‘cocktail’ is doing exactly what it is meant to do. The key is staying balanced, and stay focused in equilibrium, and doing your part to be a better person, to live a better life, to focus on highest good.

The Eclipsical Window

The frequencies of the present eclipsical window have a framing of 28 days, but the elongated intensity will persist through the June solstice. Keep in mind the Eclipsical window is a 28 day spread, 7 days prior and 7 days after the March 20 zenith …and it then is reactivated 7 days prior and 7 days after the Total Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on April 4th. The four apexial dates are March 20, April 4th, May 27th and June 21st.But in truth this phase from March thru June has an amalgamated frequencial unity. Energetic gravity waves are similar throughout this period, with a certain ebb and flow in line with lunar phase. We offer overview & suggestions.

Emotion is highly amplified, and there is an undercurrent of tension that may allow for the unfortunate excessive expression of skewed impression into a crisis of inappropriate offensive action. It is easy to misinterpret another’s intent or to over react; making mountains of molehills. On the other hand, do not seek to hide away and merely ‘wait out’ in safe refuge in the intensity by surrendering into apathy or inactivity. Being aware of the gravitated influences at hand can allow you to manage them optimally, and prevent an uncomfortable emotional confrontation that can better be avoided. If issues surface, deal with them, seek resolution. Don’t bury them or they will simply fester and find another perhaps less manageable ‘uncontrolled & inappropriate’ release in this crucible energy. For in this phase, resolution is the better option, because what does not serve you is being percolated to the surface of your emotional & mental fields. Instead of harboring negativity, find a way to complete it, to convert it into clarity through resolution. Masters, focus on creating a better life and in so doing , a better world. And this Dearhearts, is absolutely the optimal way to use this magnificent crucible energy.

This solstice is teeming with a new influx of ‘life force’ and you can use it wisely, or you can amplify scenarios that should not receive your focus. Do not fall into self condemnation or depression as the retrogrades project their opposing wave-flow, rather use this to go inward and recalibrate into the great and greater you!

The potent magnitude of the ‘gravities are very real, if your auric field & emotions are not optimally managed or kept in balance, this can be a difficult time, the intensities are quite extreme. But the wise steward, can utilize this amazing energy to focus on intent, for the ‘life force units’ within these energies are absolutely amazing. It is a perfect time for ‘creating’ your benevolent desires. A perfect time for seeking ‘perfection’ !

The Sacred Wheel

Dearhearts, we have told you before that Love is required to master the ‘University of Earth…and that love is incomplete without strength. For the Divine Science of Creative Love involves all that you consider honor integrity, compassion, wisdom and determination. For you are learning creatorship !

The sacred must include the scientific and the scientific must include the sacred. As a person of faith your covenant must be bound to the integral circle, as a person of science you must embrace the the unseen Law of Belief in the Infinite Torus . Dear Human you are Sacred Scientists learning the Physics & Nurturing Intricacies of LOVE!


Completing the Earthplane is achieved not by strength alone but by perseverance. Persevering may involve failing 9 times, before succeeding the 10th. Masters, never forget that the Earthplane is a purposed illusion. One that humanity collectively co-creates. The University of Earth is a credentialed course. It has great value, and like all valuable curriculums, it requires effort to complete. Humanity in the mirage of the physical world wears filters that separate you from your higher self. You often feel so lost, so separated, so alone. In all of your searching you will eventually find that the only thing that makes all of this bearable is loving one another. Love ! In the interesting world of free will, you are capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. But this is the way of discovering your divinity, your true roles as responsible creators of your fascinating reality. The earthplane is an illusion, but a very real one. The emotions, the pain the lessoning feels very real because if it did not, you would not grow. But it is the beautiful moments, the love that will define and underscore your memories. It is the love that will last eternally.

So let us tell you that this all will have a happy ending, and let us assure you that in time you will know that there was a reason for everything. In time you will realize what an extraordinarily beautiful experience the earthplane provided you. A lesson learned, then another, and another. With filters removed, you will love, unconditionally love & cherish, every step of this extraordinary journey. You will remember the exquisite sunrises, the symmetry of the leaves on a tree, the colors of autumn, the laughter of children. Dear Human we honor you. We tell you that this is the way it has been done for eons of time, small moves, one step at a time on the way home. You are closer than you realize. And we of the Angelic realm lovingly await you, and are leaving the lights on for your return.

Masters we honor you & we bid you joy. You are beloved.

And so it is…and it is So


How Charity & the Reunion of Soultwins is Interrelated as All is ONE & We are All Interconnected

Thought For The Day As Written In Prasanthi Nilayam 10, Sept 2014

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A gift of Love

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[♥]♥ಌ ڿڰ N ░ A ░ M ░ A ░ S░ T ░ E  ڿڰ ಌ ♥ [♥] [♥]

Januari 2009 , hartje winter in Nederland en Europa

hi allemaal,
Nou ja wie dit ooit gaat lezen dan he
Heb niet de indruk dat het er veel zijn dus ga je ook niet vermoeien met een lang of ingewikkeld verhaal.
Dat doe ik tegenwoordig (de laatste maanden ) wel af en toe op de site , waar je eenvoudig bulletins kan plaatsen die ik dus astrologische bulletins noem. Mocht je belangstelling daarvoor hebben kun je ook eens kijken op, bij de “clan:  Zelfkennis” waar ik ook af en toe astrologische feitjes samen brei tot een wetenswaardig verhaal.
Nou zie maar of je meer wilt weten van mijn grote hobby de Astrologie waar ik sinds 1989 mijn dagelijks werk van heb gemaakt en anders kun je me bellen 0224-217991 of mailen naar of kijk op m`n website voor meer info over m`n achtergronden enzo … & vanaf 2011 op mijn Blog: http://www.annesastrolovelife.blogspot.nlmy 1st Blog since 2011 on Lightwork & Astrology
tot horens , en nog een fijn 2009 gewenst met veel zelfinzicht en veranderingsgezindheid !
Anne W