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Matthew Ward – June 24, 2015

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With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As information from countless sources pours in, please keep in mind that only some is factual—much is disinformation, misinformation, incomplete coverage, skewed perceptions or uninformed opinions—and that everything that actually is happening is purposeful. This includes teetering or bankrupt economies; protests about injustices; terrorism; weather extremes and natural disasters; massive numbers of refugees; corporate and governmental shake-ups; and yes, even FIFA’s scandalous operation. Everything going on in your world is serving to fulfill chosen karmic experiences or aiding Earth’s return to environmental health or stirring minds that have been stuck in the oblivion of third density’s limitations.


It isn’t necessary in this moment that everyone understand current situations in the context of karma and balance, planetary cleansing and ascension or souls awakening—eventually that understanding will come to each individual. What is necessary in this moment is happening, and it is evident around your world: the peoples’ ever-growing determination to no longer accept killing, oppression, corruption, deception, pollution and impoverishment as “just life.” All light beings throughout this universe are beaming light and helping in many other ways to assist your dedicated endeavors to end “just life” conditions.


A number of messages some time ago explained what caused the 10-year delay in your society’s attaining the consciousness level anticipated by the Highest Universal Council when they formulated Earth’s Golden Age master plan. In a more recent message we told you that by the end of your year 2017, that decade of delay will be over—a fact that meant no more than that, yet it elicited a flood of emails.

The questions can be summed up as follows: Do you mean that no important developments can happen until the end of 2017? Is that when spacecraft crews will land and ETs living here will identify themselves? Will Earth reach her ascension destination in 2017?  Can Earth really be restored to her original health and beauty in that short time?  Does this mean all wars will continue until 2017? 

Especially erroneous is the idea that our statement meant, or implied, that no significant developments can happen until the end of 2017. Beloved Earth family, with every passing day you are moving forward in transforming your world, an undertaking of unprecedented magnitude that is being achieved with unprecedented speed!  We wish—as you do!—that everything this entails would happen in the blink of an eye, and it could if enough souls there believed it could. But few know they have this innate power, so progress in ways the populace can see goes according to what they think is possible in linear time, and they have no idea about major developments “off stage.”

That notwithstanding, with great joy we tell you that activity in strategic areas is reaching fever pitch, so to say, and Earth’s energy field of potential indicates that results with far-reaching benevolent effects is on the near horizon. Nothing can reverse this forward movement, but its momentum could be slowed because the field is in constant motion as energy streamers zigzag this way or that in accordance with thoughts, feelings and deeds of every life form on the planet. Steadfastness in radiating your light will help to keep momentum in the fast lane.

Now then, we are happy to respond to a variety of questions. No, we don’t perceive China as “trying to become #1 with economic and military superiority over the US and Russia.”  China’s leaders are no different from those in the United States, Russia and all other countries—they want a satisfied citizenry because that is the foundation of national stability. The government of China would like to show solidarity to the world, but largely due to social media, it is evident that there is conflict among those in power, much like it is in other countries during these tumultuous times. Powerful persons in all ruling bodies from community level to international are reacting to heightening vibrations—hardliners are digging in their heels, up-and-coming leaders are embracing the light.

As “good vibes” keep accelerating, the hardliners will wane in numbers and influence.

 Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called Jade Helm is a “red flag” so the government can declare martial law, confiscate guns, and put dissenters in FEMA camps to undergo brainwashing. This is no different from the many other instances that also were labeled “red flags”—either outright false information disseminated to create panic or the assumption of individuals who tend to ascribe sinister intentions to whatever the government does. Please do not be drawn into the fear that is the basis of this melodrama from “either/or” source.

Another area of some concern is the risk posed by potential malfunctioning of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. First we say, if scientists in advanced civilizations and Nirvana had not deemed that your world was ready for this advancement, they would not have “filtered” to your physicists even the idea of this technology, much less construction and operating instructions. Yes, it is human to err, as your saying goes, and if someone does that, crews in ships overhead are prepared to prevent a serious outcome.

We have been asked if all who were involved in the shooting in the historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, agreed to play those roles. The nine persons who died and their families did agree, but their agreement, like many others during this stage of Earth’s ascension, contains what could be called a “contingency” clause. In this case, the clause stipulates that if racism no longer is an issue in your world, there would be no need to end the lifetime or grieve the loss of a loved one due to a racially-based incident. Lamentably, racism does still run deep in your society. The persons who died in the church and their families became the most recent souls to emphasize that the sickness inherent in bigotry must be cured, and that is the same purpose served by the young man who agreed to do the shooting.

Individuals who change genders respond to their awareness that heart, mind and body, they are not the gender identified at birth. While physical changes may be a more complex mental and emotional undertaking than persons experience in uncovering their homosexuality or bisexuality, all of these souls are claiming their authentic selves. An aspect of your society’s advancement is the honoring of transgender individuals, who, like everyone else, don’t know that they chose in soul contracts to be pioneers in this sense. People who resist accepting the validity of gender change—or of any sexual nature other than heterosexual—still are rooted in religious dogmas that have barely even a nodding acquaintance with the sanctity and divinity of every soul.

Matthew said the Illuminati made their money illegally and immorally so it can be recovered and used to eliminate poverty. Why don’t the people who’ll be in charge of the new economic system just take the money out of Illuminati banks now and distribute it where it’s desperately needed?”  The individuals in positions to do this are acting with forthrightness within the laws of your society. To do otherwise would be acting in the same reprehensible ways the Illuminati have all along, thus employing the very tactics they are striving to eliminate.

Another needless concern is overpopulation. The number of people in your world is not the cause of starvation, subsistence living and lack of health care—unequal distribution of monies and Illuminati control of natural resources is. Many planets in this universe smaller than Earth have far more residents, who live peacefully in abundance and with respect for all life forms in their worlds. When Earth is restored to her original health, she could easily accommodate all the needs of double your current population—but please do not assume that this means there will be a population explosion!

Although the Illuminati no longer have access to the technology they formerly used to cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe storms, energy set in motion by those events has a domino effect. The energy of a quake, for instance, doesn’t stop when the tremors stop, but rather it continues to flow and generates a multitude of less powerful quakes before it dissipates. Although “ancient” negativity has been dealt with, “fresh” sources are bringing to the surface deeply entrenched remnants of the massive amount created long ago, and occasionally this happens in areas where natural disasters are considered anomalies.

It is the same with Mother Nature’s activity, but the intent differs greatly and intent has its own energy streamers. The intent of the Illuminati is to create negativity, which could be considered self-replicating because its energy sustains and empowers them; Mother Nature’s intent is to release negativity so it isn’t available to create more of itself.

 A reader who saw a film of a reporter from the United States interviewing Vladimir Putin asked if there is any truth to his claim that he is not responsible for the unrest in Ukraine. Earth’s monitors in Nirvana apprised us of that interview, so we can state that Mr. Putin’s claim is truthful—it is Illuminati troublemakers who are responsible—and he also is correct in saying that the shared cultural history of people in Ukraine and Russia crosses national borders.

“Why is the US always seen as the bad guy no matter where on Earth trouble spots are?”  Washington, DC, and Wall Street are the headquarters of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction, but since few know this, all of their operations are attributed to that country’s government. And not without good reason. From its very beginning that government has been riddled with Illuminati or operate under their influence, and later they infiltrated the CIA, FBI, FDA, NSA, CDC, UN, NASA and all other agencies that could further their aim of world domination.

Furthermore, the Rockefeller faction was extremely forceful in expanding its influence well beyond the United State whereas the Rothschild faction, which grew out of the original small group in Bavaria, concentrated its efforts in Europe. While the Rockefeller group still is clinging to some fragments of power, the Rothschild group is fast losing the last shreds of its former control of governments, banking and commerce, and the stronghold they once had in the Vatican is gone. Pope Francis is on a house-cleaning mission as well as speaking out against Illuminati-created world conditions that both factions have been trying to keep status quo. They are seeing their efforts becoming less and less effective; eventually they will see their utter futility.

It is so that we haven’t attributed the increase in light on the planet to solar flares; however, we have talked about the effects of light from all sources.  In addition to saving Earth’s very life, effects may include unusual and temporary physical, mental and emotional conditions, and definitely intensifying light magnifies personal characteristics and behavior. Also we have told you light’s long-term—and vital!—effects: It transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline form that are viable in higher vibratory levels and enables advancement in spiritual and conscious awareness.  So yes, absolutely Sol’s activity is part and parcel of Earth’s ascension and yours.

We understand the feelings of the reader who wrote her difficulty in believing that anyone would choose a life of suffering or cause suffering to others, that the first is masochistic and the latter, sadistic. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine why souls would willingly choose either role—or that all of you have done the very same many times. It is with unconditional love for all others in the pre-birth agreement that some souls agree to act with extreme harshness so others can experience what they need to balance lifetimes when they were the abusive ones. When peoples live together happily and harmoniously, life on Earth will be in balance and no more back-and-forth lifetimes will be needed.

“Thousands of children are dying every day. How is it in keeping with LOVE and LIGHT that all these innocents are deprived of physically ascending with Earth?”  The importance of the karmic aspect aside, Earth’s residents physically ascending with her never has meant living there throughout the journey to her destination in fifth density. Every single soul who has lived on the planet since its ascension process began 80-some years ago was or is physically ascending location-wise.

The aim of every soul in every lifetime is personal ascension—growing spiritually and consciously—and this has little to do with incarnation longevity or location. By embodying only a short time, a soul can complete contract provisions and achieve personal ascension. A person who lives 100 years and lifelong makes free will choices contrary to soul contract selections doesn’t experience what was needed to personally ascend.

Dear brothers and sisters, like every other person who has entered Earth’s spirit realm, when you transition and review your lifetime, you won’t measure it by how long you lived, but by how you lived.

Now we bid you farewell in words only, as our unconditional love always is with you.







Suzanne Ward



Hilarion – June 28 – September 6, 2015

Infinite Love & Gratitude to Hilarion as well as His Scribe beloved Marlene for Sharing with us this Beautifull Message. We Will Miss U Both. May Your Summer Be Filled with Joy, Healing & the Radiant Light of Creation. I Am

Oracles and Healers





June 28-September 6, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As life on the planet continues to evolve and expand, many are being called to align to their reason and purpose for this particular incarnation. It behooves each individual to seek within themselves for the answers; for the unfolding of this preordained service to the divine plan and to consciously and with intention, align themselvesto it each day. When you do this, events begin to occur that seem to be divinely directed. There will be more information about this that will come to you through various means such as, bringing people intoyour…

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Hearts were made to be filled with Love.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Monday June 22nd.

All your blocks are coming up for release, that is why you keep experiencing them.  It is frustrating for you, it tends to get you thinking that you are, as some of you might put it, “a waste of space,” not good enough, as you observe all those seemingly well-balanced individuals living normal productive and satisfying lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth – NO ONE is a waste of space, although some may appear to be wasting time, wasting their lives – nothing anyone does is wasted, there is always a lesson to be learned, and it is always learned, if not in that moment, then eventually.

So, give yourself a break, as many as you feel like, because that is generally what you need.  When you resist taking a break, when you fight the urge, you avoid the opportunity…

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Embracing Human

June 17th 2015 , To Share & Care for the Greater Good of All
Thank You My Friend ( This I should say) https://youtu.be/9i8faSKtrE8
• The Creator Writings
transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/PractitionerEmbracing Human

Why do you insist on being anything than what you are now ~ human? Out of the infinite energies, very few of you have chosen to be here……now……experiencing what you are experiencing at this very moment. A monumental challenge to be sure but, a choice you made. Enjoy experience, explore and embrace the human in you.
~ Creator
• Thought for the day as written in Prasanthi Nilayam Today 17 jun 2015


Lord Krishna incarnated to destroy evil in a handful of individuals. But now, the evil qualities are not identifiable in a small group of people. They are widespread everywhere. The scorpion has poison only in its tail; the cobra only in its fangs; but people have poison all over them! They have it in their eyes, their tongues, their mind, their intelligence, their gait, their brain – just about everywhere.
You may ask, “Oh ! When will this poison be counteracted and destroyed?”

When the Lord enters your heart, that is the very objective He will accomplish. Offer unto the Lord, the ‘flower of your heart’ (Hrudaya Pushpam), after cleansing it thoroughly of the dust and pests (desire, anger, envy, doubt, etc.) that infest it. Without effort, can there be victory in any field ? Can you become a high ranking official without the appropriate qualifications of scholarship, talent, experience and wisdom? So persevere and succeed !

(Divine Discourse, 14 Jan 1964). BABA


• Singing Our Way to Heaven , A Chorus In Miracles ~ ACIM Musical Lessons
Jesus Christ and The Holy Land
In one month I will lead a group of pilgrims to the Holy Land to experience A Course In Miracles in a very new, very profound way. We will be recording “The Living ACIM Text,” an Internet class that will be released next year. The program will literally bring the Text to life, as if Jesus Himself is reading it to you. You’ll feel as if you are right next to him at the Sea of Galilee, or sitting around a fire on the Mount of Olives. The Mount of Olives is where you’ll find Gethsemane, the spot where Jesus endured doubt and fear before saying yes to the path that lay before him. To honor this upcoming journey I wanted to share a video from one of my dearest friends, Steve Balsamo, a UK musician and singer who played the lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar. Trust me when I tell you that THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOU AWAY:
Click here to watch the video https://youtu.be/3-rre_BXxC0
And please remember to pray for us as we prepare for this amazing journey to the heart of The Holy Land. We’ll send out emails every day while we’re there so you feel like you’re part of the experience, and if for any reason you feel the call to join us in person, there’s still a spot or two left. You can go to this link for more info.
• A Course In Miracles Lesson 168. Your grace is given me. I claim it now.
“God speaks to us. Shall we not speak to Him?.”
ACIM Lesson of the Day http://jamestwyman.tv/lesson168.html
Alternate YouTube Lesson , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIjuWlkIufE
James Twyman , Leader – ACIM Revival , jimmytwyman@gmail.com

The chasm between where you are and where you want to be is exactly as your thinking makes it. Why make it impossibly wide when it can be easily jumped?
~ Creator
All That Is expresses and manifests Itself within my consciousness
when I merge my sense of being to the Infinite Oneness that I Am.
June 17th, 2015, Humanity`s Team
We are not suggesting that you totally withdraw from your third dimensional experience; we are just inviting you to begin to explore the possibility of moving or shifting your awareness and your divine consciousness to the higher realms of light and frequency.
Many of your sages and shamans have offered this invitation as well. We have continued to invite you to connect with the quantum field using the portal of your imagination. This is an exercise in removing your focus and attention from the seemingly solid reality you call your life. Allow yourself to suspend your beliefs of what you think is real. Play with this, explore this exercise. It is from the higher dimensions that outstanding solutions to third and fourth dimensional problems can be discovered.
–Outside Your Dimensional Box by Peggy Black and the “team”
P.S. To see all of our upcoming programs including Neale Donald Walsch, Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, Patricia Cota-Robles and Barbara Marx Hubbard and to get free 48 hour replays click here: http://livinginone.com

The Creator Writings

Why do you insist on being anything than what you are now ~ human? Out of the infinite energies, very few of you have chosen to be here……now……experiencing what you are

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Hilarion – June 14 – 21, 2015

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

Each of you is stretching for the potential that rests within. This potential beckons you onward, poignant in its endless possibilities and its creative energies help open the flow to needed movement and direction. These are creating inner growth and are not outwardly seen but inwardly felt. Follow your heart in all things. Former ways of doing things are now evolving as you follow your inner direction with faith and determination. Your trust in your intuition is becoming more developed and the insight provided into your own inner workings provides a greater awareness of the people and situations that surround you. As you practice being still and quiet, an inner knowingness comes, a spiritual energy that focuses on understandings that come from a place beyond one’s reason.

Read more…

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There is nothing to fear.

Beloved FB Friends & Cocreators ~♥~ ॐ ☯Wishing U All a Lovely, Happy & Beautifull Weekend Filled with Smiles and Joy ~♥~ ॐ Infinite Blessings of PEACE & Lღ√E Within U All ♥ ஜ☯ ॐ We Are One Human~Angelic~Galactic Family ۞ ஜ & Ascending into Unity Through Divine Love & Light ~♥~ ॐ We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For ஜ ॐ I`m sorry for not having much Time for reading & commenting on them & for Allowing them on my Timeline lately. See my Blogs for any of my News https://anda642.wordpress.com

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  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday June 13th

Humanity’s awakening is imminent!  To many of you it seems impossible that this could be true as you see all around you judgment, condemnation, demands for punishment and restitution, and intense pain and suffering throughout the globe.  Everywhere it seems that people are righteously taking sides leading to further unnecessary conflict and even more suffering.  Well, as you have so often been told, the illusion is a dream of insanity, therefore events that occur within it tend to be caused by crazy thinking that believes itself sane.

But, as many of you are also aware, there are many now who are fully awake to the insanity of so many human activities and who are actively moving most successfully to bring this craziness into the awareness of the masses of humanity who have for so long, due to their intense pain and suffering…

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