There is nothing to fear.

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Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday June 13th

Humanity’s awakening is imminent!  To many of you it seems impossible that this could be true as you see all around you judgment, condemnation, demands for punishment and restitution, and intense pain and suffering throughout the globe.  Everywhere it seems that people are righteously taking sides leading to further unnecessary conflict and even more suffering.  Well, as you have so often been told, the illusion is a dream of insanity, therefore events that occur within it tend to be caused by crazy thinking that believes itself sane.

But, as many of you are also aware, there are many now who are fully awake to the insanity of so many human activities and who are actively moving most successfully to bring this craziness into the awareness of the masses of humanity who have for so long, due to their intense pain and suffering…

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