Wat betreft YouTube – 11-11 Portal of Light

               A GLOBAL 11:11 LINKUP

            With the help of a great Youtube video produced by   Adele Selina

           &    a spoken INVOCATION  of THE GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS

                              by Anrita Melchizedek

            For the Million Lightworkers Now on Planet Earth 

           Assisted by the Many Lightbeings in other dimensions !

            We will meditate with this :

         " Invocation for the New Reality Paradigm "

            Everyday at 11:11 Am & 23:11 PM for 11 days at a row !

            From the 11th of November 2010 until the 22th !

            For more info see :  www.pleiadianlight.net  or www.newlightfusion.com

           or  www.newrealitytransmission.com

             This is it , here is the link >>>>>  YouTube – 11-11 Portal of Light  !!!!!

           JOIN  US THROUGH FACEBOOK on the "11:11 Awakening Code "page

           WE ARE ALL ONE !!!!!







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