Make PEACE Possible by Acting from Love. Thank U. I Am Peace & share from Unconditional LOVE. I Am


Happy weekend Beloved Family, Friends & Cocreators. All posts I share on my FB Timeline are automatically shared on my Twitter. So for an easy overview of what I do as a Lightworker U can go to & follow me at :

Thank U. I Love U. We Are ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull Planet & Need To Work Together for the Highest Good of All. I Am .

“Let There Be Peace On Earth” !


May Peace Be in the United States of America

May Peace Be in the United States of America. May Peace Prevail on Earth May Peace Be Within U & All Around U

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 1e. This one is mainly to post the Awesome weekly “Astrology for the Soul “ – video`s by Kaypacha Lescher , as I can`t do it all on my own without help from my friends . . See f.e. the Full Moon Eclips Chart on July 18th 2016 , 9:29 AM GMT :

8. Full Moon Eclips August 18th 2016

2e.This Blog I have started since I dedicated my 1st one to Astrology ( see the latest 5 posts amongst whom, the Benjamin Fulford report of August 9th )

 3e. This here is my WordPress Blog,  where I mainly post long texts, to which I like to add some images to make them easier to read 🙂

4e. This is a photo very dear to me so here it is :



High Star Peacefighter, General Joseph F. Dunford  from Boston Massachusetts, USA, his nickname is “Fighting Joe “,  has yust delivered an Awesome  speech at the UN Peace commitee. He is still waiting for UMeWe to help him get away on his already granted & well deserved leave  from active US military duty , mainly spend in the warzones, since we met on Skype , back in October 2013.  Me & some of my best dutch friends have already given it all we`ve got & now its time that U help MeUWe to get him out after all these years of Highly responsable &  very risky work, See f.e. this Bomb blast in Kabul , Afghanistan where he,  as the Chief Commander of the I.S.A.F.  between February 2013 & Okt 2014, had to check out who`s to blame ! Afghanistan's security forces search the site of a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014.He really needs a Break from all this Highly appreciated but sometimes very risky work , so he can continu on his Mission to Bring About PEACE & Change in this World, by sharing of his own money for good causes & sharing from his own experience in 40 years of Active High US Military Service.  He may be able to tell us why there is still so much war all around. So pls. give me a ” like”,  if U are reading this & willing to listen & answer to this, my humble plea. We need a Loan of € 3000 all in all, to get him out, so he has access again to his own Bankaccount again.

Thank U. I Love U. We Are ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull Planet & have to Work  Together as ONE, to Make that much needed CHANGE Possible.

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For ! 1385645_172822086249305_1441144198_n

Pls.  send your donation or loan to my Paypal, if U have your own Paypalaccount  at A.C. Westenbrink,  Or send me whatever U can , via Western Union or Moneygram, or Directly to my Bankaccount, Triodosbank number :

 NL 33 TRIO 0197 7497 55 ,  A.C.Westenbrink in the Netherlands.

I am counting on U.  I Am. AUM. Namaste

With So Much Love ,




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