Wave X 2 by Trevyn Ohare March 18, 2016

Everything is different now !
The only limit of these words : your willingness to perceive and conceive !
~ Lazaris

Ashtar: Page 1. Shared March 19, 2016

Galactic Federation of Light

WAVE X 2, Sent from the Pleiadian Light Ships
March, 18th, 2016, by Trevyn Ohare

Some of you may be aware of this, some of you may not. This next week is going to be a very energetically charged week. On the 20th of this month the 2nd waive of gamma rays and mass ascension will hit us full force. Many many people will now be able to ride this wave into 5th Dimensional consciousness. Thanks to all of you, as you were part of The first wave back in September, who the last 6 months or so have been spreading so much divine light and wisdom. Preparing many others for this next wave. Even though you have already passed through back in September, think of this wave as a baptism of your energy as well. Only shooting you farther up the ascension ladder as well. So many people are…

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