Mother Mary: Truth, Precipitation, February 28, 2016

Such a Beauttifull Mirror to what I `ve come to know this life through my lifelong searching for Truth & Love with Joy, that is confirmed in this beautifull message.Thank U so much Beloved Mother Mary, Christine Preston for the Purity of your channelings & Matt for making it available to all of us. I Love U all so much. We Are ONE Angelic Family, Ascending into Oneness & Christconsciousness through Divine Love & Light. I Am

Galactic Federation of Light

MOTHER MARY: Yes, it is me, Mother Mary, and I would like you to use what you have written last night with Archangel Faith and your Ascended Twin Flame André, as being a teaching from my heart, a teaching that I support and could not have put in better words. I especially like your historical research concerning Constantine’s alteration of my son’s original teachings. He turned it into a doctrine with despicable connotations of a sacrifice on the cross being necessary for the salvation of mankind, when the potential is within your heart. It is the threefold flame, your connection with your I AM. It is that image of Christ that you mirror into the matter world. You have it within you. My son did not have to die on a cross for the sins of mankind. Those so-called sins in the garden of Eden were a misuse of power…

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