Thank U for sharing & caring Beloved Christine Preston & Archangel Uriel & All the Angelic Ones. So Much Wonderfull News Is Coming in Lately. F.e. this The Cabal is FINISHED!! Just a few weeks until we’re dancing in the streets…

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Thank U very much or sharing & Caring or Truth & Actual News, Beloved Ones .In the video uploaded on February 21st, David Boyle Keeps us also Updated. We Are So Gratefull for All the Courageous People, Standing Up for Truth & for whats Right for the Highest Good of All. We Are ONE. Victory of the Light ! I Love U All. For the doubters : see & read the New Autobiography of Jesus /Sananda , channelled by His Twinflame , Dr. Katryn E.May & read “The New Earth Times “, Edited by Archangel Michael. I Am. AUM. Namaste

Galactic Federation of Light

CHRISTINE: This morning Archangel Uriel came after I had reached to my Mighty I AM Presence and made calls as usual. He came to give me more details about the audio tape which was alleged to be an accidental recording of thousands of angelic voices singing the known ‘Alleluiah’ song, but with a range the human voice cannot reach, and with musical instruments which don’t exist. On this recording there also is a mysterious Solo Singer who could not be identified and he is singing lyrics that are unknown. And furthermore, the experts say the voices are sustained without breathing! I had heard the tape many years ago and was very taken by the voice. I have developed a telepathic ability to be able to hear the Archangels and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic beings, when they speak to me, but this happened recently in 2014. I have been…

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