Lord Michael, Ascended Twin Flame André

Thank U for Sharing This Beloved Matt, Christine Preston & Archangel Michael & His Soul Extension , Andre. This is the Truth & Nothing but the Truth. ALL Is ONE in Divine Love & Light. We Are ONE Human Family & Are Here on this Beautifull Planet Earth to Share & Care for All As ONE. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For ! Do Your Bit as All Together as ONE, We Can Transform This World Back Into a Heavenly Paradise. Support Your Family & Friends with Caring Love & Attention, without Judging them for Who They Choose To Be. JOIN Us In PEACE & CHARITY.
I Am an Instrument for Gods Eternal Peace . I AM. OM Shanti. Om Sai Ram. Namaste

Galactic Federation of Light

Lord Michael, Ascended Twin Flame André,
January, 3rd thru the 4th, Channeled by Christine Preston,

Disclosure, Elections, Mother Mary, Consecration of the Nations,


Russia today (RT) reported the sighting of a UFO over Austria in their News on January 4, 2016. It occurred to me that we may be entering a new phase of Disclosure in the Media, related to the suppression of truth concerning the fact We are not Alone and that Galactic ships are being sighted as Unidentified Flying Objects all over the world. This is what my ascended twin flame who is a soul extension of Archangel Michael had stated about Russia and this subject on January 3rd.


Russia is not part of the great Conspiracy of darkness of the Elite. The Russians have fought their wars of freedom and overcome the demons of their anterior political system. It is not that everything…

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