The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is the intent of freedom for every human on earth.

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is the intent of freedom for every human on earth.

This consciousness is the We, the power of us coming together as One. Mother India`s most valued contribution to world has been and is today – Consciousness

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is the evolution of the Declaration of Independence in our times. We the People of Planet Earth collectively know that there are a number of global issues that are impacting our safety, wellbeing and peaceful co-existence. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement calls for a unified intent to address, create and implement solutions for these global issues.



The Declaration of Consciousness has a global mission to acquire 1 billion signatures from citizens of the earth with the intention to create a radical shift of consciousness on the planet based on the following guiding principles.



Planetary peace can only occur when we individually and collectively choose to BE and live in non-violence, honoring All as One

Dalai Lama More hard Hitting words abt the Massive Brainwashing of Society


As All are One, it is imperative to uphold and honor all women as reverently equal. 



Our Oneness and collective evolution can only be achieved when we honor the rights of all to live free of any and all forms of subjugation so as to wholly and completely express a state of self-realized Consciousness, with Responsibility.



The future of our planet and generations to come depends on how we dutifully protect each child’s innocence and mindfully nurture the potential of each child, as a future leader in Consciousness.

106 foto`s allerlei 6 aug 2007059


Each of our elders is a wisdom keeper, deserving of our mindful respect and most compassionate caring.

True Love. older man like Joe & small refugee child


The evolutionary advancement of our collective Consciousness and the development of all scientific and/or technological achievements which better our world, can only occur when society supports, honors and nurtures the development of creativity, independent thinking and innovation.



The wellbeing of all people and the equitable sustainability of all societies depends on the conscious development and implementation of commerce that upholds to the principle of contributing toward planetary good before an intent to generate profit.



We are the Consciousness that reverently cares over each of the environmental elements that shape our global climate and sustains all life.



Honoring all paths to Consciousness.



  • What we do ?

 We ask all citizens of Earth to be a part of the growing vision of a dared endeavor of humanity through technology; strategic alliances; grass roots of each nation; conscious leadership and leaders; and working with the United Nations enhancing 1948 Declaration of Human Rights to have all Nations adopt Consciousness as the unalienable rights of the People. With technology and the power of Each of Us, we will reach consciousness through enterprise, entertainment and media. We will be the collective voice of all global conscious aspirations. We are here to define a new paradigm of reality. Through conscious enterprise, entertainment and information we will impact change. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement (DOCM) Community online platform brings together :

  •  People
  • Choices
  • Ideas
  • Information

HOW ?  You nominate yourself and other conscious companies, movies, book, art etc. Your nominations allow you to Access people’s conscious choices. We are empowered by the power of People taking action.By actively participating in our community, each member benefits by way of wisdom, harmony, society and abundance.

 ************************************************************************ The Declaration Of Consciousness Movement Intro , on YouTube ,  Declaration Of Consciousness Published on August 9th 2013  

The Declaration of Consciousness and Three Magic Words dedicated to the unity of all people regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Watch Movie:

Sign Document:


This is the story behind one of humanity’s greatest endeavors after the Declaration of Independence that granted a nation its independence. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is the intent of freedom for every human on earth.

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is a volunteer grassroots initiative calling for countries to adopt a new worldview based on the inalienable universal rights of all citizens. The idea was born during the 2012 Bhakti Fest, a major yoga festival. During the festival, Yogi Nandhiji emerged from his deep meditation and intuitively felt that Consciousness holds the key to solving some of the most complex problems in the World. Nandhiji revealed this to his circle of friends that included many conscious individuals serving the yoga community, including teachers, artists, musicians, writers, actors and leaders of various groups and filmmaker Michael Perlin, whom Nandhiji inspired to write the first outline of the document. Soon the idea spread like wildfire and many well-known Co-Visionaries stepped forward to help promote the cause. The gathering of initial signatures began on the day of its announcement in London on December 21, 2012, as part of the European premiere of the movie, “3 Magic Words”.

 The goal is to awaken “the grass roots of humanity” of each nation and culture through the signing of the Declaration while sharing the experiential, conscious message through music, media, education and entertainment. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement places great importance on partnerships and alliances among like-minded groups and organizations.

 The original Declaration has been placed in the world’s largest esoteric library, located in the Damanhur Community in the Piedmont area of Northern Italy.

The Document has now been translated into 58 languages and is circulating worldwide. The initiative calls for a unified effort for individuals, organizations and countries to settle their disputes with non-violence; basic human rights and spiritual liberty for all humanity; honoring and treating women equally; care, preservation and nurturing of the planet, and upholding and spreading of peace on earth. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement signals the next stage of human evolution and global shift into unity consciousness.

 To reach the grassroots of Humanity, the Consciousness Hub, an online platform is in development. The Consciousness Hub will be the collective voice, representation and community that shifts Humanity through enterprise, entertainment and media. To spread the idea of Consciousness is the birthright of all existing on our planet, the Declaration of Consciousness envisions nations across the globe and its leaders adopt the tenets to represent its citizens as a government by and for the people, caring for a society that thrives in peace, abundance and harmony. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement would like to invite any/all groups who are actively involved in promoting Consciousness to contact us so we can see how we can amplify our efforts for humanity!

 About Nandhiji : 

“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins ! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji

Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated.He envisions a humanity of consciousness and a Mother Earth of compassion through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.   

Video . Declaration of Consciousness Nandhi108


We are activating the grassroot movement through our Online Consciousness Hub: Currently in development is our Online Consciousness Hub where each and every one of us can nominate and recommend Conscious Businesses, Entertainment, Music, Media and Charities. These online platforms will give voice to our Collective Consciousness. Your contributions will help us immensely to support and further build our platforms.

We envision the macro global revolution with all Nations adopting our Tenets: We are initiating a nations to adopt the Consciousness Tenets. People all over the world irrespective of culture seek real peace that comes from a society that is ruled by consciousness. We are building an effective strategy and team.

Team: Our Team as of now is of dedicated volunteers who have worked thousands of hours understanding the objective of our Movement. With compensation and including more specialized skills, our team will be more effective in enhancing the goals of our Movement. We see the need for a strong IT Development team and teams to assist with collaborating with people, other conscious movements and non-profits, and manage Enterprise of Consciousness, Conscious Entertainment- music, books, movies, documentaries etc and serve as a think-tank.


When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for humanity to dissolve the prejudices, which have separated them from each other; it is the right of the people to declare, by the powers of the Earth, to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a new global shift in consciousness. This consciousness is the We, the power of us coming together as One. 

Mother India’s most valued contribution to the world has been and is today- Consciousness

Baba Nataraj;s words of wisdom: Awaken the Divine Feminine

When the Divine Feminine awakens within each of us, we awaken ourselves to the potencies of Consciousness. Join Nandhiji this Livestream with each of us coming together, as the We.

With singular intent in breath, prayers and as One Consciousness, let us unfold 2016, the Year of Consciousness that has begun with the Divine Feminine awakening !

Contribute/donate and help us build our Online Hub

We are building transformational technology with online consciousness hub and mobile hubs to access, nominate and award the most conscious people, ideas, leaders, businesses, entertainment and media. Our online hub will be an active Conscious Social Media platform bringing conscious people together globally to create multi-generational change and transformation for all of humanity.

Teams in Development

ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCILS – Council for International Diplomacy – Council for International Involvement – Council for Partnership and Alliances – Council for Women Empowerment – Council for Online Platforms and Strategy – Council for Peace and Consciousness Events – Council Conscious Media and Publicity – Council for Conscious Fundraisers



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