Honesty and Integrity

Thank U Prime Creator. I do Trust the Universe to support MeUWe.
Today, March 21st 2015 on this 1st Equinox Day, is the day I personally & openly pledge to focus on my Beloved One & me, Cocreating a Happy & Healthy (retired) Life for ourselves & all to support our adopted daughter & my adult son & all in my beloved family & (wider circles of ) friends & all Organisations working for the Higher Good of All.
We Are Spiritual Beings & Here on Planet Earth to Serve All & Love All, humbly & consciously surrendering to Gods Divine Plan. We are willing & able to contribute to the Greater Whole on the Basis of Equality in All of our Diversity as Unique Human Individuals, as Sovereign Beings of Love & Light making use of our physical forms in Freedom, each taking our Individual Responsability. May All have Faith in the Power of Unconditional Love in Unity.
We Are ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull PLanet &
Here to Serve Her with the Power of Our Spirits in Peace & Harmony.
I Am Eternally Gratefull. I Am Love & So Are U. We Are ONE
I Am . Om Namah Sivaya. Namaste. In Lak`ech Ala Ki`n. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti .

The Creator Writings



Do not worry if others do not see your work (spiritually or otherwise) as ‘important’. I will say this again; it is not important!

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