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transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner
• July 4, 2013 Honesty and Integrity
“Do not worry if others do not see your work (spiritually or otherwise) as ‘important’. I will say this again; it is not important! Standing in your honesty and integrity may not win you admirers, but it does keep you on your path. Do not worry about what others think. If you trust in The Universe and its flow, you will always be headed in the proper direction. “
~ Creator~

aisha north

Once again we are delighted to have the opportunity to commune with you in this manner. For we come with a message of joy, one that will be called out from the mountain tops, not just in your realms, but in ours as well. For now, the waters have parted and the risen will arise, the New will come forth and the old will fade away for never to return. The advancement of the light is such, no like has ever before been seen, and so, what you have sown, you will finally harvest. For you are the ones who brought the light to these shores, and you are the ones who will reap the benefits first. But it is also through you that the benefits will be equally distributed amongst the masses, given in equal measure to all who care to embrace it.

You see, once more it is…

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