Lighten Up! Day 71, Chuen 6

Good Day Beloved Friends & Cocreators ♥ ƸӜƷ Thank You for reading & sharing & taking Time Today to act on this Beautifull Mayan message ♥ ƸӜƷ We Do Need to Get Together as ONE in Action for Our Freedom of Greed, Hunger, Poverty & War •.ƸӜƷ ✰ LOVE Is my Religion & the Earth Is my Church ♥ ◠‿◠) ☼ ღ¸☆☼ ☼ We Are The Family of Divine Love & Light ღ☆☼⋰ ⋮ ⋱ ƸӜƷ I am so Gratefull for All the Awakened Ones Amongst Us ƸӜƷ ✲*✽ We Are Breathing as ONE Heart ♥ with Mother Earth & Shining in the Light of the Galactic Sun ☼ ღ¸☆♥ (¯`♥´¯) Weaving our World through Caring & Sharing in Peace & Humbleness , Joy , Truth & Freedom. ♥ . ღ¸.•*¨♥•..ƸӜƷ I am so Happy to Have Found Sai Baba & You All ☼ ღ¸☆♥ BEING ♥ AWARENESS ♥ BLISS ♥ ATMA ♥ ღ☆ ♥¯` ♥.•´¯`•.♥ Infinite ᏝᎧᏉᏋ & Light ⁀♥ ° ☼ ღ¸☆☼ & Rainbowblessings for U All ´°•.•.¸ღ¸☆ ♥ •¨`*♫ ♥ ˚☆♪♫•.¸¸.•♪♫♪ WE ARE ALL ONE & CONNECTED •.♥♫♡ May All the Beings in All the Worlds Join Hands in Sacred Prayer & Action for Peace & All Things Good ƸӜƷ• ڿڰ ಌ In Lak`ech Ala Kìn. ⁀♥ ° Aum Namah Shivaya. ☼ ღ¸☆☼ Shared with Love & Gratitude ♥ Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM. ♥.•´¯`•.♥ Thank You. May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy As I AM ♥ . ♥[♥] [♥]♥ಌ ڿڰ N ░ A ░ M ░ A ░ S░ T ░ E ڿڰ ಌ ♥ [♥] [♥]
A gift of Love
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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something create a new model that makes the old one obsolete”
–Buckminster Fuller

Mayan Messages

LIGHTEN UP!   Are you ready to release some of the old baggage you have so dearly been clinging to? Well, let’s get on with it. Time’s a’wastin’! There’s just too much fun that you are missing out on! Let’s go!

Where shall we start? How about the usual place, inside yourself, for that is where the seeds have been planted and where the roots are growing. Let’s do some weeding today so you can better nurture your growth.

Take some deep breaths, using whatever method suits you to become relaxed while releasing the concerns of the day. Take a few moments to do this. When distracting thoughts come in, gently release them. If need be, focus completely on your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Ahhhhh, doesn’t that feel better? You know, you can do this anytime you are feeling out of sorts and full of anxiety. Teach it to…

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