Antares, Virgin Galactic, Art Planet and GM108X

Thank you for Sharing & caring this Wonderfull Information. Its so important to turn within & Focus on what we Really Wish to Materialize Together as ONE Humanity, Living on One Planet, As ONE People living under ONE God , Facing the Same Problems: How to make Sure Everyone will have Access to Clean water, Healthy food, Free & Endurable Energy & Natural Housing & an Endurable Economy . Divine Unconditional Love & Compassion is the Answer to All of this Worlds Problems. Let go of all Fear. There is an Abundance of All We Need & once we Wake up to the Truth that we Need to Cooperate in All Ways Possible, instead of keep on Competing for who is the most Righteous, Beautifull, Funny, Rich or whatever strange categories we use to label others. Let Take a Stand for Equality in All of Our Diversity , Freedom in All of Our Individual Responsability & as One Brotherhood of Men I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM . See my Blog :

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images-8Today, Yellow Self Existing Star: Kin 108 is a key code to the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. It is also the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the 80th day of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness. Kin 80 is one of 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan.

The purpose of the GM108X mind transmission is to introduce a new knowledge base to this planet. This knowledge base simultaneously unifies and synthesizes all previous knowledge and true traditions through the fourth-dimensional lens of the Galactic Mayan mind lineage.

The GM108X mind transmission, the prophecy of Pacal Votan and the science of the Law of Time are inseparable.

In light of the GM108X, what do the current Spaceship crashes mean?

Antares rocket explosion, Blue Crystal Night (October 28, 2014) photo Jay Diem AP

We of Antares had long since dealt with cycles of perishability, and…

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