Enjoy the Journey: Day 48, Lamat 9

Mayan Messages

ENJOY THE JOURNEY   Enjoy each step of your journey, knowing that nothing is ever complete. All things are always in a state of growth or decay. There is no stagnation. Even during times of apparent stagnation, there is still movement and evolvement. Any act of completion is a doorway to a new beginning. Once you have finished a project or a journey, it is time to start something else.

By peeling away unwanted behaviors, belief codes and reactions that keep you from being in joy, step by step you will walk towards a life filled with magic that at this moment may be totally unimaginable to you. Take time to imagine the unimaginable. Dream high and dream big! Co-create with others who are like-minded and desire the same things you want to experience. There is power in group intention. Never underestimate this power. Call in Helpers from the Other Side…

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