Updated Profyle Anne Westenbrink

Anne Westenbrink,  updated profyle, Sept. 2013

We all have taken on an Earthly body in these “ Times of the Grand Shift ”  in Human Consciousness, to meet & share with other beings on this Soul`s  Journey on Planet Earth  to travel towards Oneness. We learn through Expressing Universal, Unconditional & Cosmic Love through uniting & growing & learning about Living in Oneness with Prime Creator.

I Am Awake, since the sixties  J & thrilled to partake in this Great endeavour to Uplift the World, through sharing & caring from our own experience & individually gained wisdom & knowledge, as more or less Enlightened Spiritual Beings.

  • About myself  & Spiritual Interests :

I am a woman Living from my Heart, with an Open Mind to All who Share & Care to Uplift Humanity. I`ve been educated as a clinical psychologist , but prefer to use Esoteric disciplines like Astrology to gain ever more insight in my Self & other Human beings. I `ve practiced Yoga & Meditation since I was 24 & learned through experiencing deeply in love / friendship / family & neighbour-relations .  I also did a lot of travelling worldwide, (USA, Maroc, Western Europe,  Israel, overland from Amsterdam to India)  & did  lots of reading & studying.

Also I `ve been involved in Spiritual work , with Mystics like Sonia Bos (www.soniabos.nl), Lord Maitreya through Benjamin Creme www.shareinternational.com , sjamans like Kiesha Crowther & Inti Cesar Velasques from Peru & learned about Cropcircles & the Tzolkin/ Mayan Calendar since 2007.

I am a Conscious Lightworker since 2003 & regard Sri Sathya`s Sai Baba`s Mission, to Love & Serve All,  as my own J  .

I Am most Gratefull to Prime Creator, Jesus Christ Sananda , Father/ Mother God & All Ascended Masters & Archangels & Angels as Living Presences in Mysteryschools like the Canadian “Radiant Rose Academy ” www.akashaonline.org  & “the Children of the Sun ” www.childrenofthesun.org

& Other Light Activations groups.

  • My personal teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration:

I am gratefull to have learned from my  personal relations,  who are  all teachers to me ,  as well as my Beloved Brothers & Sistars around the Globe :

Jean Paul Debiez, (Fr.), Leo Cordero (Dom.Rep.) , Teachers of (Hatha Yoga) , Taichi, Esoteric Astrology (Drs. Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Dick van der Mark & Hans Planje ) , Vedanta & Zen in St. Achernar & Med.Centre “de Kosmos”, Amsterdam 1972- 1986.. “Spiral “, Rajneesh/Osho,1979, 3 month travelling therapy with Satprem through Europe in an International  group , that made me Aware of all projections J

Basic Training in “Psychosynthesis”, Karin Wenske (Assagioli ) helped me go Within through “Guided Imaginary meditations”.

Biodynamic Therapy (Reichian) with Cora Slieker & lots  of “Free Dancing ”  helped me stay free bodywise.

Many trainings in the field of Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology,  like Sensitivity , Encounter & Gestalt, Primal Screamtherapy, Reiki, LightBodywork helped me go through & Transform, Transmute & Create Personal experiences in Love & Light & Peace from Within.

I `ve been reading & writing “The Book of Knowledge “, a Great Unification Program for the Golden Age to Come,  through the Mevlana Group in Istanbul , but not finished as I `m too much involved in being Available in Daily life , to my many Facebook & Google + friends & keeping up with Daily Reviewing of mostly spiritual content video`s on my Youtube Channel.

  • Books I have Read &  would Recommend :

Too many to mention J  I won`t get into all the Psychology (Jung) & Astrologybooks (Dane Rudhyar), but True Eyeopeners to me were : June Singers , ” Androgyny ” , All Carlos Castaneda`s books,   Kiara Windrider`s “Doorway to Eternity, a guide to Planetary Ascension “, a “Heaven on Earth “- Project. Mt. Shasta, Cal.USA, 2001.

All books by  Osho, Sathya Sai Baba, Yogananda, Eckhart Tolle , Drunvalo Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak, Jude Currivan & then some books I `ve never finished yet by f.e. Alice Bailey, Sri Aurobindo and some others. I won`t mention the Spiritual work of Great dutch channelors/writers,  as most of that is not yet translated into english with the exception of ” the Sacred Marriage ” Caroline & (late ) Karel van Huffelen, Gabriela & Reint Gaastra -Levin (www.followyourheart.nl) & Ton van der Kroon. Last book straight from Source to prepare Humanity for the Golden Age : “The Book of Knowledge “, 62 fascikels of 750 pages All in All. All are Greatly Recommended !

  • Movies and Music I would recommend:

Music: All Spiritual Music of Deva Premal & Miten, Karunesh, Snatam Kaur  and many others, to be seen in my Playlists on Spotify lately.

Movies :  Ghandi, West Side Story J  , Avatar , Return of the Ancestors , The Year Zero, The Shift & video`s of Cocreators & Lightworkers on FB & YouTube like “OneSoul” ,  Rab Adamson , the Radiant Rose Academy,  Akasha Light,  Humanity`s Team  and many others . Pls See my channel for many great playlists J

  • Goals, Visions and Desires

To help bring Heaven Back on Earth through sharing & caring from the Sacred Universal Heart with an Open Heart & Mind for All who need guidance & inspiration to Transform fear into Divine Unconditional, Universal, Cosmic Love in Unity & Oneness with All Beings Throughout the Galaxy .

In Lak`ech Ala Kìn, Aum Namah Shivaya. Namaste.

Om Shanti. Om Sai Ram. OM

Drs. Anne Westenbrink, See “About Me” @  :


Alias “ Andalightoflove “ , Red Lunar Moon, Kin 249.


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