Conscious Living: Day 43, Akbal 4

Mayan Messages

CONSCIOUS LIVING From birth onward (and also from previous lifetimes) each of you has unique life experiences. Along the way, you make a myriad of choices. These experiences imprint in your memory, which are then stored in your physical and aural bodies.

Love, in all forms, whether they are thoughts, words, actions or emotions are free flowing. They wisp in and out, flowing through the Uni-verse, creating waves of sensuality and causing tides of yumminess. Fear-based emotions and thoughtforms, on the other hand, glop together, creating a dense mass that is hard to penetrate. Through time, this will destroy your health as they manifest in a variety of dis-eases. With sincere desire, you will be able to uncode these thoughtforms before they manifest physically. In addition, they must be eradicated from your aural field in order to not cause you problems in the future.

To change these belief codes, they…

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