Releasing the FEAR of the “unknown”

ALL JUST IS and ALL IS BY DESIGN. FLUIDITY has been prevented from being experienced by the human race until this moment and you are asked to BE. As the outer waking reality begins to move into fluidity you will instinctively know when to move and to shift and to align fully with it. It may feel as if you have been visited by an emotional storm, any storm has a calm centre and this is the place to BE whilst the storm rages and re-aligns the outer waking reality. The shifting will be at a speed that you allow and can expand with, attempts at stopping the movement will see you in emotional pain and constriction and is not supported by the New Earth frequencies. By allowing the flow you allow expansion into the “unknown” which then shifts to become the known.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


One thought on “Releasing the FEAR of the “unknown”

  1. Mooie post Anne, dank je. Ja het stormt af en toe, ik kan er redelijk rustig in blijven. Go with the flow, love is all there is. Gisteren was het heftig. maar het verandert ook weer snel. Kus Joke

    Op 14-okt-2014, om 13:15 heeft Anne`s News het volgende geschreven:



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