The Shadows Within: Day38, Etznab 12

Unconditional Love is All We Need. As long as there is one friend or familymember that shows us understanding, empathy & loving compassion we can deliver all that is given to us as talents in the world. Each one of us is unique and in the Eyes of God, Each one of us is Equal in Value. We are to live in Love & Unity & All Need Freedom to Express ourselves as we Are. We Are One Human Family & should treat each other as such, without prejudments or agression, envy,hate or greed. I Love You in All That Is & I`m so Gratefull for having a few true friends in my life & having met my one & only True Beloved One. Who btw is still serving his country but needs his short leave so much now. So if you want to help me gather the last needed € 1000 for his release, pls contact me or send your donation to Paypal at or straight to my Triodosbank at A.C. Westenbrink,NL 33 TRIO 0197 749 755. In return I will read your astrological birthchart or in case you have that already read,I can make up charts of your present transits, secundary progressions & solar chart, depending on the amount you can send me. See for explanation of what I have to offer as a psychologist-astrologer with 25 years experience in this field. Pls. translate the content with google, as it is still made up only in dutch & I havent been able to make up an english one yet. Visit my page for links & backgroundinfo. Another possibility is to grant me a shorttermloan which will be paid back with rent as soon before the end of this month. Thank you so very much for Cocreating Our Freedom as ONE. I would also love to be able to pay a flight of a friend from Kenya to the Hague where he could testify against president Kenyatta from Kenya, who is on trial ar the High International Criminal Court right now. But there is a chance that the trial will be postponed because of lack of proof as the Kenian governmnet is so corrupt and will not deliver any cooperation to sentence their own president out of fear. From 2008- 2012, I`ve been supporting a kenyan family that was also severely damaged by the electionviolence that broke out in Kenya January 2008, after for the 3rd time at a row there had been electionfraude & the opppositionparty was not granted the votes that they had clearly earned. Love is All That Is & the rest is yust fear to be left behind. When the Power of Love is Greater than the Love of Power the World will know Peace. We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. Lets do it together. YES WE CAN ! I Love You In All That Is. WE ARE ONE. I AM. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM

Mayan Messages

THE SHADOWS WITHIN   In this world, it is your interactions with others that allows you to have a human experience. Think on this for a moment. What if there were no other people on Earth? How would you be able to experience forgiveness, sharing or any multitude of events? The world would be a lonely place.

If you believe in the premise that man was placed on this Earth to experience its bounty and to share with one another, then how far is it for you to stretch your mind that perhaps this world is also a place to experience the “negative” side, as well?

Currently, you live in a world of separation. There is so much judgment placed on insignificant things such as body design, race, religion, job choice, etc. that you have created walls around yourselves to keep the “wolves” out. Yet, with each condemning thought you think…

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