~Amygdala – Fertility- Abundance Portal Sept 3 – 9 – Pleiades High Council~

Here is another Beautifull Post from the High Pleaidian Council by Beloved Anna Merkaba. Happy & Healing Times Always to You. My Beloved & me are still not Reunited & really need some more financial support to make it Happen. Pls.HELP us by emailing me & I`ll explain or add me on Skype as “andalightoflove “, NL or leave me your phonenumber, so I can call you or better yet ask me to Read your Blueprint, as I`m a very experiencd Astrologer & trained as a Clinical psychologist , See http://www.psychoastrologe.nl & http://about.me/annewestenbrink. I Pledge this reunion with my Beloved One is Our Truest Heartfelt Wish, as Joe is my Soultwin & my Best Friend & Husband to be. We will stick to our Worldwork for the Highest Good of All, Always & will do our Lightwork together as ONE , as Soon as Joe has Resigned from the US Army (at the very last December 2014 ),He is a one of these Greatest & Biggest Souls on this Earth, as he has been fighting terrorism in the Darkest Corners in this World , all of his working life. Thank you for Being a True Friend, by showing Confidence in Us/Me & maybe by helping us out & trusting me. I Am a Pleiadean & Here to Lighten up this World by Loving Action. You will stay in my Heart & our Good Deeds will be Returned & Lots of Gratitude from the Universe.All is ONE & We Are All Interconnected. We Are Cocreators & my Beloved Joe is a very Happy & also a Rich Man & He Yust Needs to get Away from the Warzone to Be loved by me & to be able to get to his own Bankaccount. Me & Joe have worked very hard all of our life and once we`re Together for Good , we`ll Spend it on Great Projects & You will be in our Focus, when you Help us Out in this Time of Need.Pls. write me back here or at anda@multiweb.nl . You can Donate directly through my Paypal at that same email adress. Thanks a Lot for Living & Being as ONE.
We can Change the World for a Better Place Together as ONE, if You `ll Allow Us. Thank You from the Heart. We Are ALL ONE. Listen to this Beautifull PEACE Invocation : http://youtu.be/kMb92gK4oyQ and to this Magnificent Blogtalk radioshow of the Hollow Earth Network :
I AM. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. AUM
href=’http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/amygdala-fertility-abundance-portal-sept-3-9-pleiades-high-council/’>~Amygdala – Fertility- Abundance Portal Sept 3 – 9 – Pleiades High Council~.

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