Lada Ray: An open letter from the Netherlands to Putin… We are sorry! August 5, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Posted by Lada Ray

Proof that there are healthy forces in the Netherlands, and Europe in general, who are not fooled by what their governments and their media are doing.

Brief met excuses aan President Putin – An Open Letter from the Netherlands to Putin

Click here to read the PDF version in English

The original in Dutch and German

Brief aan Vladimir Putin door De Ommekeer

Material from Dank U– Thank You –Spasibo– to author: Professor Cees Hamelink.

He also has some interesting YT videos on related topics (in Dutch):

Waarom moet je niet geloven wat in de krant staat? (   )

Historische claim laat zien waarom de Krim Rusland aangaat (Russia’s historic claim for Crimea – LR) ( ) also posted this letter – Thank You – Spasibo!

Finally, Dank U – Thank you – Spasibo –  to Wiet van den Brink, who…

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