Roma – Amor Mission: from Darkness to Light

Happy Day Out of Time , to All . July 25th 2014 is the Day We Celebrate |The Return to The Natural Time Calendar . Or the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar . “For the two last decades the 13 Moon Calendar has been followed worldwide by thousands of people, allowing many minds to tune in with the infinite spirals of evolution of consciousness. Once released from the tight grip of the clock’s circle and the calendar’s artificial time measure, we realize that we are limited only by our ignorance of space and time.


Report written by FLT/PAN representatives Katarina, Magnetic Storm and Veetmansha, Planetary Hand,  Santiago de Chile

Unknown-4On June 15th 2014, the 62nd anniversary of Pakal Votan´s (*) tomb discovery, the new portal of the “maximum illumination of social system” was opened. This day was Kin 228, Yellow Resonant Star.

The legacy of this Mayan Avatar was the origin of New Time consciousness expansion and for the 13:20 frequency to be the fundamental key for the return to Natural Time.

The conjunction of these two events is the evidence of the existence of a superior and mysterious synchronicity that no human being could have ever planned.

It was exactly on this special day that “ROMAAMOR” activities were conducted by Matias de Stefano, in St. Peter’s Square, Rome. The purpose was to establish bridges of love and light, blessing the Vatican with sounds and chants of the new frequencies of social change. (Roy Little Sun…

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