Astrology on Youtube

Astrology on Youtube

Being myself an astrologer now for more than 25 years,  I like to watch what other Great Astrologers Like Carl Boudrier & Kelly Rosano & Tom Lescher or Kaypacha have to say about how  the planets  in our Solar System are influencing All of us in our Daily lifes. On my Youtubechannel,  I have collected many very beautifull & inspiring video`s on a wide range of subjects in many playlists . The Above link is leading you to the one on Astrology .

As I  am synthesizing my lifes experiences as a University educated, Clinical psychologist & experienced & well educated Esoteric Astrologer,  into the Lightworker that I am now since many years. You are welcome to subscribe to my Youtube Channel as “Annewest48” & Enjoy the video`s of many other Lightworkers, Pioneers , Wayshowers  & Evolutionary Leaders  around the Globe. As well as the video`s I`ve made & uploaded on all kinds of themes. Thank you for taking an interest & leaving me a comment on how this channel has touched you. I AM That I AM. In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn . I Am another You.

We Are ONE Humanity Living on ONE Beautifull Planet & Ascending to ever Higher frequencies of Divine Love & Light. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM  


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