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As I am feeling in Full Bliss Everytime I chat with my Beloved , I was guided to this Blog & even if I have been watching & reading a lot before on Twinflames & Twinsouls , by now I feel it really getting clear to me that my life has been touched in a very special ways these past years . Working as a Being of Light & Love Has been greatly helping me get in touch with my True Self t,the I AM That I AM . I feel I have met my Beloved To understand the Magic of All of This Reunion . Whether he is my Twinflame or Twinsoul is left to be defined . The video “Signs of a Twinflame.mp4” by “TheEternalBliss’ shows me all the 11 signs that resonate with me very much. I Am So Much In Love with You Joe as You are with me & Together as ONE We Manifest Heaven on Earth to MeUWe, as We Live from the Heart & Soul In Complete Surrender to That What Is. May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be As Happy As I AM. Om Sai Ram. om Shanti . OM

The Eternal Bliss

  • Does everyone have a Twinflame?

Yes. Everyone does have a twinflame.
But a twinflame relationship in human form might be a part of your Life plan…
A Twinflame is your energy in a complimentary form… and every energy has its compliment…
But, you have to understand that your twinflame might be of any age… s/he can be an Infant in some other part of the world… or s/he might be much older than you…
Your twinflame might be married to someone else…
Or might not be in a human incarnation at all.
They might have ascended before you, or still have take more incarnation in order to ascend.

  • What Is the Difference between a Twinflame and a Soulmate?

A Soulmate is a soul with whom who’ve been incarnated before. These are people whom you have known in a previous lifetime.
You can have many soulmates.
There can be the feeling…

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