Wat betreft YouTube – The Sacred Love of Twinflames and Twinsouls


Citaat ; This video from the "Onenesslovefoundation " tells us in 44 pages about the :

"Sacred Love of Twin Flames and Twin Souls " :

* Each has its twin, , not one of them is alone. Your twinflame is a love that transcends time over many lifetimes, through all the ages , even after the last breath is taken.

* There is a flame burning. It is the flame of Love. God is that love and it is the Love for the One that God created for you to be a part of in the beginning.

* The highest state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies.

* Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts beat as one. In dreams and love, there are no impossibilities

* And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy

* And will not be out of each others sight, as I may say even for a moment. These are the people who pass their whole lifes together, yet they could not explain what they desire of one another.

* For the intense yearning which each of them has towards the other does not appear to be the desire of lover`s intercourse , but of something else ,which the soul of either evidently desires and cannot tell.

* You rarely meet your Twin Flame in the physical !

* Your Beloveds may even be on the earth plane , yet when two personalities come together, there can be still some friction even though you know you are true Twin Flames at Soul.

* Please remember there is only One True Divine Counterpart offering a Holy reunion or Holy Marriage that can be in the Physical or in the Soul !

* You know the person from the beginning of Time. You know you are in completion. You feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go on forever.

So far the quotes in the first 11 pages , see the video if you are eager to know more about this "Sacred Twin Flame Love"

In Love & Light

Anne W  

YouTube – The Sacred Love of Twinflames and Twinsouls



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